DiSC Trainer Certification

Using Everything DiSC by John Wiley & Sons, USA

DiSC is the leading psychometric assessment tool used by more than 45 million people to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.
Every year, more than a million people worldwide participate in programs that use DiSC assessments. Wiley’s products have been translated into 30 different languages and are used in 70 Countries.

Benefits of Learning of DiSC
  • Apply DiSC to deliver training programs into the learning style of the participants
  • Use facilitation kits to make training programs world class and cost effective
  • Design and deliver effective performance improvement coaching sessions with ease.
  • Administer, with full control, application specific assessment profiles for your training program.
  • Take your training business across borders.
  • Avoid making expensive hiring mistakes by enhancing your people reading skills.
What You Learn?
  • Deep dive into the neuroscience of learning, thinking and emotional styles.
  • Be immersed in the history, theory, and interpretation of DiSC.
  • Learn to interpret DiSC Classic and Everything DiSC Workplace reports comprehensively
  • Thoroughly review the resources available to conduct DiSC learning, including the Everything DiSC Facilitation Systems and the complete line of DiSC® reports.
  • Have hands-on practice crafting a wide range of DiSC solutions, and you will participate in group presentations of the various business applications.
  • Learn how to build your own custom courses based on the unique needs of your organisation or your client.
After The Training
  • Interpret DiSC Profiles with confidence.
  • Have the confidence and credentials to conduct Everything DiSC sessions
  • Apply Everything DiSC to personal development activities, executive and life coaching engagements.
  • Make behavioral training programs such as managerial effectiveness, leadership development, team-working, relationship training, sales, negotiation etc. objective and effective.
  • Plan and conduct training interventions using the range of the Everything DiSC Facilitation Systems
Who Should Attend?
  • HR and L&OD professionals
  • Executive/Life Coaches
  • Soft Skill Trainers
  • People Managers

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  • The Facilitator. We were forced to think, analyze & voice. The learning was an experience because of Akash

    Sruti Mashru
    Trainer and Coach
  • I liked the way technology was leveraged to transfer knowledge to a group of diverse people from across the globe. Akash definitely knows how to keep everyone engaged despite everyone not being in the same room

    Melville Brooks
    Trainer and Coach, L&OD professional
  • I liked the interactiveness of the programme even though it was a virtual class room. i feel that there was a lot of space created for engagement of the participants which i enjoyed alot

    Andrea Jayatilleka
    Trainer and Coach
  • My key highlight from the entire learning process was the way trainer’s method of involving us in the learning process, keeping us engaged and helping us share ideas among ourselves.
    Of course learning new ideas around leaning behaviours, the coaching tools such as the TFB Model, DiSC Styles and the aspects that trigger learning was also quite a highlight.

    Jose Maria Karani Ngacha
    Trainer and Coach, L&OD professional
  • It has been a learning experience for me since this is my first step in the direction of behavioral training. It has laid the foundation in my understanding of myself and people around me

    Rajani Menon
    Trainer and Coach
  • The thing I liked was that the course was structured in a way that enabled learning even for a person not with a psychology background. Understanding the entire DiSC assessment and its applications, setting rituals was very helpful.

    Disha Aggarwal
    HR Professional
  • 1) The importance and rationale behind DiSC assessment was well-covered
    2) Use of technology for delivering the program
    3) The structuring of the whole course where we went on filling and connecting blocks to get the complete picture in the end

    Yashi Bhatnagar
    HR Professional
  • It was extremely interactive and plenty of examples were given to facilitate understanding

    Veena Kumar
    L&OD professional
  • The entire DiSC session itself was an eye opener for me. I loved every aspect of what we learned

    Aparna Sangli
    HR Professional
  • The course was an eye opener for me in understanding different dimensions of behaviour and how impactful it is to understand oneself and the opposite person. My perspective about behaviour of people and how well we could handle the same is positively different today and look forward for it to only get better with the help of DiSC!

    Sagar SV
    Retail Trainer
  • The course went on really smooth and I could not feel the difference between ILT and virtual session. All thanks to Akash for making it all the more interesting and making us think at every concept.

    Richa Verma
    Trainer and Coach, L&OD professional
  • Lucid, detailed and very well conducted.

    Rustom Hiramaneck
    Trainer and Coach
  • The course was very insightful and covered everything about DISC.

    Sriram Ranganathan
    Trainer and Coach, L&OD professional
  • It was a great experience. I came in with apprehensions, however found it worthwhile. The coach has helped us learn at a pace which I found very comfortable.

    Naina Mohan
    Trainer and Coach
  • Give lot of understanding for personality and people understanding. It was my first virtual course and found it as good as sitting in class and learning.

    Purnima Desai
    HR Professional
  • The course was fantastic. This is the first ‘Virtual course” i have undergone and Akash Chander is a fantastic trainer and coach.

    Sumana Sriprasad
    L&OD professional
  • The insight to HOW things work and the examples and the stories shared. I liked the way things were related to the real life situations and the case studies which were shared.

    Sumeet Singh
    Trainer and Coach, L&OD professional
  • The course was fabulous! It brought a fresh, new perspective to learning & communicating with people & interacting with them. I really did not think a web-based experience would make too much of a difference – but it has shattered those illusions of mine.There is so much I take away from the program – so much that I have learnt about myself and how to be able to apply those learnings tomorrow.

    Aarthi Raju – India
    L&OD professional
  • The learning experience was extremely good. Was always looking forward to the classes read more

    Manjunath Dattatreya
    HR Professional
  • This was my second virtual class and the overall experience has been good and it appeared as if we were having face to face training. Thanks to the facilitator Akash for making the journey so insightful.

    Paresh Swain
    L & OD professional
  • This was my first virtual course and I found it to be awesome. The chat facility, turning on the speakers to asks questions, etc. was a great experience. I was amazed at how the facilitator can deliver the lecture and also pay attention to the questions that keep coming up on the chat.

    L&OD professional
  • It was extremely informative. Akash is very well versed with the nuances of human behaviour and he took us through the entire kit with ease and a lot of useful examples. Most of my learning is from the quick cues he shared and the repetition of previous lessons.The course offered me an opportunity to network with similar minded people.
    It has presented me with a new tool for my professional pursuits and an aid in my personal life.

    Richa Mahendra
    Trainer and Coach, Business Transformation Consultant
  • This was my first Virtual course. It was very informative and inclusive of required participation from the trainer and other classmates. It was convenient and cost effective.

    Shubhangi Rastogi
    HR Professional
  • The Training was very interesting. Facilitator Akash Chander has a good mastery over the DiSC assessment knowledge. Akash was also very patient in clarifying our doubts. Overall it was a good course

    Sriniva Akella
    Trainer and Coach
  • Though it was not my first virtual class, I liked he followings:

    1. The trainer.
    2. The curriculum.
    3. The delivery approach.

    Trainer and Coach, L&OD professional
  • Program has opened up multi dimensional perspectives on behavioral approaches.It was an eye opener for me once I have understood by behavioral styles

    Joy Sebastian
    Trainer and Coach
  • The experience was great. I learned a lot about behaviours.

    Kavita Bansal
    HR Professional
  • Wonderful!! I had lot of expectations, at the end of the program feeling satisfied , as the content and methodologies adopted by Trainer was appropriate and good. We enjoyed each moment with lot of learning and reinforcement/consolidation of our own learning

    Yogesh Shekhawat
    Trainer and Coach
  • It is comprehendible, visual and easy to understand. The step by step coaching approach with the idea of creating a ritual is a good way to make the learning applicable for the trainee.

    Marianne Helmich Andersen
    HR Professional
  • The in depth exposure to the 4 behavioural styles and how do we assess them without compromising on the training ethics

    Sakshi Sinha
    L&OD professional
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