EPIC or Electronic Profile Information Center is a self – service online product platform that guarantees a simple , user friendly interface to store and custom generate DiSC Online Assessments. The EPIC Account guarantees complete control of profiles which can be personalised to each user’s requirements – all at optimal costs. The EPIC Account does not mandate a DiSC certification, though we highly recommend a DiSC certification to effectively use the dynamic and user – friendly EPIC account.

EPIC is a “do it yourself” online platform that empowers the user to administer, print, personalize and store DiSC profiles. As technology takes the centre stage, users worldwide have been found to prefer the online assessments over the traditional paper and pencil tests like C-888.

Have you used a prepaid connection for your cell phone?

At a theme park, would you prefer to take coupons for each ride or take a pass that covers all the rides?

These situations may seem very familiar to most of us. This is why the EPIC system has been designed to operate on similar lines.How does the EPIC Account work? It works on the EPIC Credit system.

Just like points are deducted from the entry pass in a theme park or currency from your cell phone prepaid card, every report you generate from your EPIC account, deducts EPIC credits from it. Every report on the EPIC system has a pre-assigned number of credits and you can use this simple formula to calculate the total number of credits:
Credits required = Credits per profile * Number of profiles

To know the number of credits required for each account goes here……

EPIC Credits that you purchase once do not expire and can be used 24/7 – 365 days in a year to buy any DISC Assessment report. We recommend, that a user buys EPIC Credits in bulk , since it can drastically cut down your cost per report and gives you the “much required” flexibility of generating them on demand. You can debit the EPIC credits from your EPIC account when you require to generate a report, which is them sent to you electronically. To know more about our offer click here….

Are you facing challenges building your brand as a trainer?

Do you find it difficult to generate follow- up reports for facilitation programs?

Are you finding it impossible to understand the behavioural dynamics of your people as they move from one team to another?

Are you struggling to gain flexibility as well as control in managing reports of psychometric assessments that you undertake for your people?

We have the answer for your problem here.
Buy an EPIC Account.
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Credits required = Credits per profile * Number of profiles

  • All reports and profiles generated on the EPIC system can be personalized with the user’s name, business name and logos.
  • The user is given the privilege of deciding when the trainee needs to view a report just at the click of a Yes/No button.
  • EPIC offers a simple way to track the status of an assessment by incorporating a “status” option into the search, wherein each report / assessment can be searched on the status of completion.
  • The user is given the privilege to organise all EPIC profiles generated by them -department wise, on a functional basis or chronologically.
  • EPIC Account is a “ one of a kind “ tool which offers flexible options for follow –ups generating  powerful follow up reports like facilitator reports, team view reports, group culture reports, work of leaders group reports, posters and comparison reports . All that is required for these are individual DiSC assessments , from which the others are custom generated.
  • Administrators in EPIC are also given the privilege to have sub accounts for each customer or partner..
  • Gain complete freedom to generate, print and personalise DiSC profiles reports , without having to depend on an authorised distributor.
  • Develop smart follow-up options , ensuring that assessments  are completed and reports delivered on time.
  • Forget all concerns of losing your reports or your administrator, since every profile or report you generate on the EPIC system is safely stored and can be retrieved anytime.
  • Comfortably track behaviour of your people , irrespective of the teams they currently belong to through team view reports or group culture reports , which assess people on the basis of the team they belong to.
  • Ensure a flow of profits and a loyal customer base while focussing effortlessly on building  your brand , since every report generated on the EPIC system is personalised.
  • Trainers
  • Human Resources Departments of organizations
  • Performance Management Professionals
  • Life Coaches
  • L & OD Professionals

And remember you need not be DISC Certified to own an EPIC Account.