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What does "Strengthscape" mean?

Strength + scape = Strengthscape


The term “Strengthscape” is derived from the two English words “strength”, the property of being strong and “scape” meaning view. The two words together create a new word, “Strengthscape” which means, a collective view of strong properties. In other words, Strengthscape is an individual’s as well as a perceiver’s collective view of the strengths of the individual. The concept of “Strengthscape” was coined by Akash Chander in July 2013. In relation to individual personalities he defines strengthscape as follows:

Strengthscape is a landscape of strengths (behaviours) of an individual which are responses under any situation, frequently displayed, easy to identify and first stress responses often overused and thereby becoming weaknesses.

Strengthscape Offer?

Strengthscape offers certifications, assessments, training programs and image consulting services to corporates and individuals to help you tap your strengths and create a unique competitive advantage.

Strengthscape Approach?

Organizations today look for a strategic vision that not only meets the bottom-line but also creates the right environment for people. It is people that bring a unique competitive advantage which is critical to organizational success. Strengthscape brings together business and psychology to create the right environment both for organizational and employee growth.
Strengthscape’s interventions use the objective approach of assessments and are based on theories of Neuroscience and Anthropology that help us understand people better.

Our Core Team

With a rich and diverse background we help you identify and bridge capability gaps

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We, at Strengthscape, understand and appreciate the differences that make each business unique. Our assessments, training programs and certifications can be tailor made to suit every business and organizational culture.
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Business Experience

Our facilitators come with decades of industry experience in varied roles. This gives us an edge in understanding business issues better.
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End to End Services

We offer a range of products and services for hiring, developing and retaining employees. Our services include assessments, certification, training and coaching.
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Online Capability

Leveraging technology, we deliver the best training and assessment solutions in the comfort of your office/home. Our virtual classes & e-learning programs are designed to suit all learning styles.
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Global Partners

By partnering with the world leaders in assessment solutions, we bring well researched and highly reliable tools and assessments for hiring and developing talent.


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We bring the best-in-class assessments to you by partnering with world-leaders in assessments.

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