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The Facilitator. We were forced to think, analyze & voice. The learning was an experience because of Akash

Sruti MashruTrainer and Coach

I liked the way technology was leveraged to transfer knowledge to a group of diverse people from across the globe. Akash definitely knows how to keep everyone engaged despite everyone not being in the same room

Melville BrooksTrainer and Coach, L&OD professional

I liked the interactiveness of the programme even though it was a virtual class room. i feel that there was a lot of space created for engagement of the participants which i enjoyed alot

Andrea JayatillekaTrainer and Coach

My key highlight from the entire learning process was the way trainer’s method of involving us in the learning process, keeping us engaged and helping us share ideas among ourselves.
Of course learning new ideas around leaning behaviours, the coaching tools such as the TFB Model, DiSC Styles and the aspects that trigger learning was also quite a highlight.

Jose Maria Karani NgachaTrainer and Coach, L&OD professional

It has been a learning experience for me since this is my first step in the direction of behavioral training. It has laid the foundation in my understanding of myself and people around me

Rajani MenonTrainer and Coach

The thing I liked was that the course was structured in a way that enabled learning even for a person not with a psychology background. Understanding the entire DiSC assessment and its applications, setting rituals was very helpful.

Disha AggarwalHR Professional

1) The importance and rationale behind DiSC assessment was well-covered
2) Use of technology for delivering the program
3) The structuring of the whole course where we went on filling and connecting blocks to get the complete picture in the end

Yashi BhatnagarHR Professional

It was extremely interactive and plenty of examples were given to facilitate understanding

Veena KumarL&OD professional

The entire DiSC session itself was an eye opener for me. I loved every aspect of what we learned

Aparna SangliHR Professional

The course was an eye opener for me in understanding different dimensions of behaviour and how impactful it is to understand oneself and the opposite person. My perspective about behaviour of people and how well we could handle the same is positively different today and look forward for it to only get better with the help of DiSC!

Sagar SVRetail Trainer