AI Startups India

AI Startups India

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry is rapidly expanding, aiming to alleviate daily challenges across various sectors, including scientific research and large corporations. AI’s main goal is to develop smart computers capable of making decisions similarly to humans. In India, approximately 300 startups are integrating AI technologies. Here are some of the top AI companies in the nation:


Active.Ai, a leading AI startup in the FinTech sector, focuses on automating banking services and enhancing client engagement for banks. Renowned for its cutting-edge solutions, the company allows customers to engage in natural dialogues without needing voice commands, messages, or intelligent devices. Founded in 2016, Active.Ai is headquartered in Singapore.

Alndra System

Established in 2012 and based in Bangalore, Alndra System is a tech startup dedicated to creating high-quality AI products. The company specializes in Artificial Intelligence and computer vision, developing solutions like Smart-verify health to address complex challenges.

Artivatic Data Lab

Artivatic Data Lab empowers customers to make personalized decisions effectively. Started in 2016 with its base in Bangalore, the company offers insights into customers’ preferences, health, and physiological responses, positioning itself as a top-tier AI firm in India.


Arya.Ai, founded in Mumbai in 2013, is at the forefront of building intelligent systems. The company develops robust AI tools designed to create durable products that solve intricate issues, securing its place as a premier AI company in India.

Braina Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Braina provides a voice recognition personal assistant software primarily for Windows desktops. Established in 2013, it features an Android app that supports speech recognition, enabling users to interact with their computers remotely. Braina is considered one of the top AI companies in India.


Started in Chennai in 2014, Cruxiq specializes in analyzing legal contracts to extract critical information, highlight important clauses, and provide organizational tools such as RAG analysis and deviation analysis, aiding in contract management.

Fluid Ai

Fluid Ai startups india offers innovative solutions to issues in sectors like government, web, marketing, and finance. The company, which started in Mumbai, also provides a facial recognition feature, enhancing security and personalization.


Formcept, launched in Bangalore in 2011, offers a data analysis platform that delivers effective and affordable insights to various professionals, including analysts, scientists, and decision-makers. The platform is available on-premise and on private cloud, making it versatile for diverse usage scenarios.