An aptitude test is designed to assess what a person is capable of doing and learning. These tests are based on the fact that people have different motivations, strengths and weaknesses. These attributes may be a result of nature or nurture. Irrespective, these attribute make them less or more successful in certain activities, jobs or tasks.


Aptitude questionnaires are structured in a way that there is usually a right or a wrong answer. That is why they are called tests and not assessments.


Aptitude tests represent an objective way for recruiters to predict job success of candidates in a specific role. Traditionally recruiters made a decision based on an interview and CV. Such decisions are susceptible to personal bias, judgement error and situational errors. Psychometric testing, on the other hand, offers ‘scientific’ credibility and objectivity to the process of recruiting. We offer a range of such tests that can be used by individuals and organizations to hire best fit people.

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