In the complex world of personalities and behaviours, psychometric assessments offer an easy way to understand, learn and modify overt behaviour. These assessments help us measure behavioural tendencies and priorities. These priorities may be a result of innate traits or environmental influence. Nevertheless, an understanding of a person’s behavioural tendencies can help in improving personal and interpersonal effectiveness.


In the subjective world of behaviours, there is seldom a right or a wrong. We only determine patterns. That is why, these questionnaires are termed as assessments and not tests.


In the corporate world, by using psychometric assessments, organizations can target learning interventions into the behavioural style of an individual and a team. These assessments are used to support behavioural training on subjects like communication skills, team building, leadership development, managerial effectiveness and personal effectiveness. They are often used in one to one and group coaching interventions. When used in the context of the job role and organizational culture, these assessments can support recruitment and selection decisions.

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