Benefits of playing the DISC card game


The study of human behavior is one of the most fascinating topics in psychology today. To understand why individuals, behave the way they do, several experiments and research have been conducted. The behavior of individuals can be misunderstood in both professional and personal contexts and can become a source of stress that impairs mental and physical health. The Everything DiSC assessment by John Wiley & Sons is one of the most effective ways to assess behavior in workplace situations. The DiSC profile facilitates the analysis of human behavior in a variety of contexts.

Several engaging activities and games are employed in the facilitation of the DiSC Certification session to keep the participants on their toes and boost learning.

Specifically, the game is intended to stimulate the participants’ thinking to gain a clearer understanding of the four behavioral styles – D, I, S, and C – and how each style might behave in different situations.

The benefits of playing the DISC card game

As a group activity, the DISC Card Game is fundamental in engaging all participants in the session and stimulating learning. This game can benefit all participants in several ways.

Engaging Dialog – This game promotes collaborative critical thinking and a series of engaging discussions around four distinct behavioral styles. In this activity, brainstorming sessions are conducted, which are further enhanced by open-ended questions posed by the facilitator. Questioning plays an essential role in clarifying the group’s doubts and confusions about the behavioural styles as well as in giving a direction to their thinking.

Building Skills – Aside from the game’s educational purpose, the game also promotes human development by developing interpersonal skills that foster better work relationships, communication skills that help one to articulate and communicate clearly, flexibility so that one can understand the different styles of others and adapt themselves to become more effective, conflict resolution skills that assist in reducing disagreements and incompatibilities in the group, management skills that assist in the effective execution of decisions and delegation of responsibilities.

The game highlights the strengths, weaknesses and challenges faced by each of the styles in various situations based on the individual’s perception of the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. Using their individual styles, the players attempt to identify behavioral patterns. It provides an opportunity for participants to gain an understanding of their behavior patterns, decision-making style, limitations, preferred setting, etc. Through the activity. Furthermore, they will also have the opportunity to examine the ways in which they can adapt to the other styles in order to increase their effectiveness.

Potential for Team Building – The DiSC Card Game provides the opportunity for individuals to build effective teams since it is a team activity. People with different behavioural styles can collaborate and increase their ability to work in teams when they come together. As a result, they can determine if there are any communication gaps within the team and what they can do to close them. Additionally, the game can be used to determine the preferred leadership style of the group.

The DiSC card game extends the learning of participants to the next level by enabling them to identify the most intrinsic characteristics of a particular style. To provide participants with a deeper understanding of the DiSC Profile, the game should be introduced at an intensive session.