Competencies of a Coach

Many people believe that they have a natural talent for coaching and mentoring. While this may be true, it takes a lot more than natural talent to be a successful professional coach. Coaching is a very specialized industry and it takes proper training and long hours of practice to develop certain core competencies to become a successful coach. Backed by solid research in the area of psychology, neuroscience and anthropology; and our conversations with executive coaches across the globe, coaching researchers and educators; and inputs from coaching associations, institutions and forums including the International Coaching Federation, we have formulated and listed some of the core competencies that are essential to be an effective coach.

The Orange Academy classifies the competencies of a coach into two broad categories. They are: Technical Competencies and Behavioral Competencies. Technical competencies are those competencies which form the base and the essential foundation for coaching, whereas behavioral competencies are competencies that are individual based or personality traits which marks the persona of an effective coach.