Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

The main purpose of Corporate team building is to improve interpersonal relation among coworkers, both for their well-being and for the productivity of the organization. And it is no secret that the skill set needed by the employees and leaders is rapidly changing.

Each year crunch numbers, and customer data are analyzed, and industry indicators are reviewed to predict the trends in team building, training and development and coaching. These trends can help to identify how your organization should function accordingly to be updated with the trends.

Following are the trends which can be expected in 2020.

Trend #1: Integration of corporate messaging

Throughout last year, many organizations have been vigilant about their budgets. Companies have been focusing on team building which can be tangibly tied as business benefit. Therefore, organizations have been conducting a lot of team building activities in order to introduce and integrate corporate messaging.

These activities include session centered around company core values, product expansions and launches and integration of company’s future vision. In 2020, it is expected that these activities would be continued in events like company off-site and leadership meetings.

Trend #2: Team building focused on business simulations

In the past, it was observed that organizations, departments and teams focused more on fun team building activities. Recently, it has shifted to team building activities on analytics. This has been done to check the effectives of the activities they spend on as this way they would be able to assign results to the activities they spend on. As a result, as more scrutiny is placed on budgets, it is expected to see a shift in purely fun based team building activities to those that have quantifiable business outcome.

For instance, it has been noted that employees are now more involved in simulation activities so they can think more out of silos. The organizations should also keep in mind that the pendulum does not swing too far towards all business and no fun in team building activities.

Trend #3: Increased focus on accommodating remote employees

Remote employment has increased in the recent years which has offered big cost and culture benefits to the organizations. Property cost has increased which has made office space less affordable and technology has become increasingly accessible. And with remote employees growing significantly in the organizations, it is expected to see team building activities to accommodate them. However, off-site employees create new challenges for the organizations.

This makes it more difficult to build individual relationship as employees do not see each other in person. So, team building activities should be such that remote employees are integrated directly in the team building activities rather than peripherally.


Companies investing directly in team building activities will help improve your engagement with the employees, calm conflicts, develop trust and facilitate better teamwork in the office. Team-building activities are win-win for everybody. Your team feels appreciated, they get more comfortable with each other, they enjoy a refreshing experience outside of their workplace and their engagement levels rise which increases workplace efficiency.