Design Thinking Certification Programs

Design thinking is a creative process of developing business cases and prototypes for innovative solutions. Design thinking can be viewed as a process, a way of thinking and even a project. Whatever be the perspective, the objective of Design Thinking is to take a systematic approach to finding unique solutions to common problems. It helps the organizations to bring together market realities, a deep understanding of customer problems and business aspirations to create new products and services. It also supports organizations to imbibe a culture that encourages innovation.

Innovation is no longer a strategic choice of a few organizations. It is necessary for business continuity in almost every industry. Organizations are under constant pressure to innovate their business model, products and services not just to remain competitive but to remain relevant. To cope with the pace and quantum of change required, organizations are continuously looking for a structured process that can make Innovation programs predictable & effective. Organizations require consultants and facilitators who can run by their side handholding them through this process of Innovation and cultural change.

Design Thinking Certification program enables Trainers, Internal Innovation Champions and Innovators get a deep understanding of the process of innovation, design and implement innovation programs in organizations and conduct training programs that promote a Culture of Innovation. In this program, by going through Design Thinking Expert Certification followed by Design Thinking Facilitator certification, participants will engage in intensive group and individual work, developing their skills as Design Thinking Facilitators. They develop deep empathy for customer situations, a way to seek inspiration from the world around us and a business mind to define common problems and innovative products & services.

Why Design Thinking?

  • A Structured Process Design thinking is a systematic approach to new development whether products, services or business models. The output of each step becomes the input for the next.
  • People-centred Design thinking process approaches each step by keeping the unmet needs and desires of the end-user or customer in mind.
  • Predictable Since Design Thinking is a structured process, it creates a map for the person wherein the stops and the destination are predictable.
  • Repeatable Unlike discoveries and inventions that are an outcome of chance and in fact, accident, design thinking results in innovative solutions for customer pains and aspirations. It is a process that can be repeated at will and promises favourable outcomes.
  • Globally accepted The design thinking process has a wide application with steps that can be generalized and applied for all products and services across industries countries.

This Design Thinking certification is for those who want to take the responsibility of driving innovation and growth in organization. The program is designed to create facilitators and help them add another feather to their hat by providing requisite model, tools, strategies and methodologies so that they can independently help organizations to develop prototypes and support organizations in their expedition to create something innovative.

It is a closed group, high-intensity, classroom workshop that focuses on building the skill of the facilitator through an experiential journey. This journey will empower the facilitators to gain insights through a structured process of peer-learning and master the facilitation of design thinking in varied industries.