We’re a virtual book club that invites authors and readers across the world to share and network with fellow readers and writers.

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eBook-O-Philia is a platform for

  • HR Professionals

  • Coaches

  • Trainers

  • Instructional Designers

  • Corporate leaders

  • Psychologists and

  • Authors

to meet and exchange their reading and writing experiences.

eBook-O-Philia follows a simple format that ensures you have an amazing time discussing the plot, the power and the fizz of your favorite book. We also invite authors – acclaimed and not so acclaimed to come share their insights and dilemmas with this learned circle of friends.

eBook-O-Philia is focused on a mix of genre – from non-fiction to fiction. One thread that is common though is our interest in human development. Be it a piece of serious work or something on the lighter side, if it is about human development or remotely so, with it’s fit for eBook-O-Philia.

Where do we meet and when?

We meet every month. Usually on the first Saturday of the month. At 12 noon IST @ our virtual meeting place on gotomeeting.com. Presenters share their screen and the meetings are highly interactive.

Participants are expected to be in a noise free environment, with a high-speed internet and a headset! To make it better, bring in a cup of coffee.

How do I join the club?

Please fill the form and your membership information will be reviewed and confirmed within 48 hours. No fee applicable. 25 Seats per event. On first login basis.

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Book of this Month!
Authored by Prabodh Sirur `In The Wonderland Of Talent Management: A Corporate Fairy Tale.`
Prabodh Sirur

Prabodh Sirur

Author of “In The Wonderland Of Talent Management: A Corporate Fairy Tale.”

Event Details

Date: 7 Feb 2015

Time: 12 Noon, IST

Be immortal. Write.
Musings by a successful author.

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