Emotional Intelligence in D&I Management

Emotional Intelligence in D&I Management

In contemporary business environments, the role of a emotional intelligence in D&I management is crucial. They spearhead the organization’s D&I initiatives, aligning them with business objectives. Finding the right candidate for this role is challenging due to the lack of specific technical qualifications. Instead, the focus should be on behavioral competencies and relevant experience.

Essential Experience Areas for D&I Managers

Experience with D&I Policies

The primary responsibility of a D&I Manager is to advocate and implement the organization’s D&I policies. Candidates should have a solid track record of developing and driving these initiatives.

Interview Question:

“Tell me about your experience with driving D&I policies. What were some of the D&I policies you introduced and how did they align with the business?”

Understanding of Business Imperatives

D&I Managers must integrate D&I strategies with the organization’s business context and goals, ensuring that these initiatives support the overarching business objectives.

Interview Question:

“What do you understand about our business? How do you see diversity and inclusion supporting our business needs?”

Influencing and Negotiating Skills

Successful D&I Managers need strong influencing and negotiating skills to advocate for D&I at the executive level, securing buy-in from top leaders to advance these initiatives.

Interview Question:

“How did you drive a buy-in from senior leadership in your previous organization? Give an example of a situation when getting a buy-in for a D&I initiative was particularly difficult. How did you go about achieving it?”

Emotional Intelligence

The role of a D&I Manager is intensely people-focused, requiring high emotional intelligence to manage relationships and advocate for underrepresented groups effectively.

Interview Question:

“Tell me about a time when you had a major setback in driving your D&I agenda. How did you deal with it? What was your way forward?”

Additional Key Competencies

Candidates must also demonstrate excellent communication skills and a deep passion for their role, as these attributes are critical for the success of any emotional intelligence in D&I management. Assessing these skills during the interview will help ensure that the candidate is well-suited for the position.


Selecting the right D&I Manager is pivotal. Invest time to clearly understand what your organization expects from this role and evaluate candidates accordingly. The right hire can significantly influence the success of your D&I efforts.