What is DiSC?

DiSC is the leading behavioural assessment tool used by over 40 million people across the world that helps improve relationships and effectiveness at workplace. DiSC is not a test but an assessment that profiles your expected behavior in the workplace setting.

What does the abbreviation DiSC stand for?

D – Dominance

i – Influences

S – Steadiness

C –  Contentiousness

Why is DiSC called an assessment and not a test?

DiSC measures behavioural tendencies and priorities. It aims to cluster different patterns of behaviours. It is called an assessment because it determines the behavioural pattern. No pattern is right or wrong. A test measures the outcome of an activity based on a right or wrong outcome which is not the case here.

What is a psychometric assessment?

These are structured exercises designed by psychologists and psychometrists to measure psychological qualities and tendencies such as aptitude, emotional intelligence and behavioural priorities. They are thoroughly researched, statistically validated and widely tested to ensure that they are ethical, reliable and valid. They are administered and scored in a methodical and controlled manner, allowing your results to be compared with people who have taken the tests before.

Did Strengthscape create DiSC?

No, Strengthscape did not create DiSC. DiSC® is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons. Strengthscape is an authorized partner of workplace learning solutions, a division of John Wiley & Sons.
William Moulton Marston, a leading psychologist of the 20th century wrote a book christened Emotions of Normal People. He observed that people behave in different ways. He developed a theory to explain people’s emotional responses to various stimuli. DiSC is based on this theory.

Where can I apply DiSC at work?

DiSC can be widely applied at workplace. This behavioural instrument has been constructed with workplace application in mind. It can be used for:


  1. People development: By identifying behavioural priorities and juxtaposing them with the context of the role, organization culture and team dynamics, DiSC can help in developing people. DiSC is widely used by trainers and coaches to support learning interventions.
  2. Team Development: DiSC can help teams become more effective by understanding each others behavioural priorities and challenges.
  3. Leadership Development: DiSC based leadership profiles help organizations build leadership inventory.
  4. Selection and promotion: DiSC can support selection decisions by providing greater insight about the preferences of people.

Why are so many companies offering different variants of DiSC assessments?

DiSC is based on the behavioural model described in the book Emotions of Normal People written by Marston in 1928. Marston did not copyright the model and that is why many companies have developed behavioural assessments based on this model. John Wiley & Sons is the world leader in DiSC based assessments and has greatly invested in developing the DiSC model for decades.

Why did Strengthscape choose to partner with John Wiley & Sons?

It is our endeavor to bring world class solutions to our customers globally. Wiley’s products and unmatched services provide a significant step in fulfilling this endeavor. Wiley’s collaborative perspective is highly valued. Today, Wiley has:


  • Largest network of independent partners and distributors of training products in the world
  • Products and solutions in more than 30 languages worldwide
  • Industry leader due to successful Internet-based strategies for customer service and product delivery
  • More than 45 million people have used a DiSC®  profile created by Wiley

Why is i always written in small letters?

DiSC with the small i is the registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons.

How reliable is DiSC?

DiSC is a highly reliable and valid tool. It has been statistically tested and used by millions of people.

Can anyone order DiSC reports?

Yes, anyone can order DiSC profiles. To order a profile click here

Can any one debrief or interpret DiSC report?

One must seek an interpretation session / coaching session only from a certified trainer. Strengthscape regularly runs certification programs for trainers and coaches.

How long is the report valid?

The report is valid for ever. However, our behavioural priorities change with time and life’s experiences. Therefore, to gain a reliable understanding of one’s behavioural profiles, we recommend that you take a fresh assessment after 10-12 months.

Are people expected to change their behavior?

People change and adapt their behaviour with every situation. Behaviour is situational and highly adaptable. However, people tend to show certain behavioural priorities and tendencies. This priorities can change over a period of time with life’s experiences and physiological changes.

Are there issues concerning the use of DiSC® for applicant screening or hiring purposes?

Behavioural assessments give us a great insight into the priorities and tendencies of individuals. DiSC cannot measure skill and competency. From that perspective, DiSC cannot be used for screening purposes. However, DiSC, like many other behavioural assessments, can play a supportive role in hiring and screening applicants.


Who issues the accreditation?

The certificate is jointly signed by Wiley and Strengthscape. You can see a sample certificate here

sample disc trainer certifcate 300px

What do you cover in the DiSC Certification program?

The scope of program includes interpretation of the DiSC profile, coaching using DiSC behavioural dimensions and training techniques for a variety of outcomes. For more details, please visit here

How long is the certification program?

Strengthscape hold multiple certification programs. The duration of these is given below.

ProgramDurationPre qualification
DiSC Trainer Certification using DiSC Classic and Everything DiSC Workplace profiles.16 HoursNone
Leadership Trainer – Advanced module using Everything DiSC Work of Leaders8 HoursDiSC Trainer Certification
Managerial Trainer – Advanced module using Everything DiSC Management8 HoursDiSC Trainer Certification
Team Trainer – Advanced module using Five Behaviors of a cohesive team.16 HoursNone

What are my rights after the training program? Can I train others and certify other trainers after the certification?

As a DiSC certified trainer, you will have the rights to interpret, coach and train end users. You will not be able to certify trainers.

Where is the training program held?

The online training is held over gotomeeting. Face to face programs are held in various major cities in India.

  • Ahmedabad
  • Delhi
  • Kolkata
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai, Etc.

How do I register for the program?

To register, pl follow the link here. Our contemporary cart system will take you through the payment process.

Online DiSC Certification

Face to Face Certification

Whats the benefit of certifying with Strengthscape?

  1. Strengthscape is an Authorized EverythingDiSC partner. This gives you access to a range of resources and well researched profiles.
  2. Strengthscape’s facilitators come with decades of industry and behavioural training experience and are an authority in the field of DiSC based assessments.
  3. Strengthscape provides excellent post certification support.
  4. Strengthscape plays on the power of online platforms. You can choose to attend our certification program online or face to face as per your learning style and preference.
  5. Trainers can attend / repeat online classes for a period of 6 months from the date of registration. This promotes the concept of self paced learning.

How can I get access to "Login for Trainers"?

All the participants of the our DiSC certification program are given access to our online library christened “ Login for Trainers”.

What is the benefit of getting access to "Login for Trainers"?

Login for trainer provides a comprehensive library of resources to learn, sell and deliver DiSC based interventions.

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