The coronavirus’ sudden outbreak has created business turbulence and disruption with little or no precedence. This is neither a drill nor a predictable sequence of events. And at the heart of the turbulence are people. Employees, customers, vendors, friends and family – everyone has been impacted in some form or the other.

In this unprecedented situation and uncertain outlook, every hour, there are new developments and the global situation has become very dynamic. Further, once the lockdown is lifted and operations are resumed, the situation is likely throw up many new challenges and opportunities as “Change Will Be the New Normal”. To overcome this phase and remain sustainable, every organization needs a structured and pro-active approach from strategic, HR, regulatory, financial and operational perspectives.

We are committed to support our clients in managing the short as well as medium term challenges emerging due to this event and help mitigate / minimize the adverse impact on the business operations during the lockdown period as well as thereafter. With this mindset in mind, Strengthscape has partnered with its our network of financial experts which are experienced to offer the best in class financial services.