Finesse Coaching

As you grow in your professional and personal pursuits, creating an aura as an individual becomes pertinent. This could be because of several factors. Some of them being, bringing more sophistication to your look, adding more grace to your designation, being at par with the clients whom you meet day-in, day-out, or in simple terms having a distinguished look of your own that matches your profile. We, at The Orange Academy, assist you in enhancing the shine and help you become professionally and personally suave. Our 4 sessions program will help enhance your personality, build more confidence and together help you add more dynamism to your outlook.

A leader is expected to act, talk, walk and behave like a leader. The way one carries himself has a lasting impact on the people he leads. This goes well for senior executives and business leaders in the organization. What happens when a leader acts outside the expected norm? He/she is viewed not as a leader and the result is reduced impact on the people who are led.

A finesse coach is someone who helps the clients in carrying themselves as impressive leaders. An illustration of Janie Sharritt, the VP of Sara Lee Corp would serve the purpose of illuminating the significance of a finesse coach. Janie was a very simple person who dressed in Khakhis and sweaters; wore scanty make up and simple pony tail. However, after having coached by a finesse coach, the whole outlook of Janie changed. She had a sophisticated hairstyle, wore extra make up, slacks and suits which about a power image. Janie states that this power image boosted her self confidence and her ideas and opinions were readily accepted by senior management folks. A study found that executives, who carried a power image acted with confidence, were assertive, strategic and decisive in nature3. The way executives present themselves has a lasting impact on the people they work with and associate which enables them to be successful in business endeavors.