• Are your English language skills up to the mark?
  • Are you able to think analytically?
  • Is teaching your cup of tea?

If you have answered yes to all these questions, then there is a new career opportunity waiting for you. All you have to do is search for the keyword ‘Instructional Designer’ in any of the job sites you come across and you’ll immediately find out more about these species.

If you have enrolled in instructional design training in Pune, then you are among luckiest people to have an exploding marketplace before you.

Did you know that there are very few trained instructional designers in the whole of India? So, what does this mean to you? According to an expert who has been an instructional designer himself, the scenario in India is quite a dismal one. There are not many institutes or trained instructional designers and, therefore, there is an incredible level of demand for these professionals in the marketplace. The scenario is such that many of them are losing out on quality projects and are letting the opportunities go away to impact learning. All this and more is happening because of lack of world-class centers for ID and lack of awareness of ID. However, the good news is that the situation on the ground is changing and pretty quickly at that! This is especially so in upcoming centers like Pune!

Industrial design and instructional design are both different and, therefore, there shouldn’t be any confusion between the two. In any case, instructional design as a concept has been there for more than 2 decades now!

Why enrolling in instructional design training in Pune so important?

Opportunities for instructional designers in Pune and surrounding regions are pretty high. It is important to know here that these professionals largely work in e-learning space. The knowledge you learn in instructional designing, however, can be applied to a large number of educational development fields.

Instructional design, as we all know, is the art of designing instructions for learners, such that there is an immense transfer of knowledge to those intended.

If you’re wondering why there is a need to go such lengths, then answer to this is that most learners in the world at the moment are undergoing a sort of transition. The emergence of internet and computer has meant there is a new dimension available for learning these days. Therefore, it is not just your classroom where all your learning will take place. In fact, there are computer-based training programs, game-based learning, and others that you can avail of.

In simple terms, the focus has truly shifted to learners from teacher it was before.

If you’re a professional instructional designer in Pune, then you would surely know that your focus has to be on learning and the learner. Many experts in the field believe that instructional design shouldn’t be considered as a technical field. Instead, it should be treated as a designing field- a field in which the design process follows its own path.