Delivery ModeLocationCourse Duration
Classroom TrainingBangalore 4 days (14 - 15, 21 - 22 April,2018)
Strengthscape ITIL Foundation Course is designed on the latest ITIL Foundation V3 (2011 Edition).

Our course will be delivered through 16 hours of Instructor-led training or 2 days of face-to-face classroom training conducted by certified trainers with over 15 years of experience. The course will take a comprehensive approach to cover concepts within the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and relevant to the understanding of the subject.

To increase the chances of passing the examination, several assignments, worksheets and question banks will be provided, along with daily review sessions. Candidates will also be given a chance to explore and practice IT service management based on ITIL methodology and opportunity to examine the components, activities, roles and security issues in the service management cycle.

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Learning Outcome

Our ITIL Foundation Training will help participants to prepare for the ITIL certification examination by PEOPLECERT on their first attempt. After completing this training and certification program, our participants will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding and implementation of the ITIL® framework in practical scenarios.

Lesson 1: Introduction

  • History of ITIL
  • ITIL Service Lifecycle
  • Definition of Process, function, Roles
  • Framework,
  • Service Management
  • Examination briefing

Lesson 2: Service Strategy

  • Purpose, Objectives and Scope
  • Processes under Service Strategy
  • Different types of Services and service providers
  • Roles of process owners
  • KPI’s

Lesson 3: Service Design

  • Purpose, Objectives and Scope
  • Processes under Service Design
  • Components of Service Design Package
  • Four P’s of Service Design
  • Roles of process owners
  • KPI’

Lesson 4: Service Transition

  • Purpose, Objectives and Scope
  • Processes under Service Transition
  • CI, Configuration Management System
  • Different types of releases
  • Roles of process owners
  • KPI’s

Lesson 5: Service Operation

  • Purpose, Objectives and Scope
  • Processes under Service Operation
  • Functions under Service Operation
  • Roles of process owners
  • KPI’s

Lesson 6: Continual Service Improvement

  • Purpose, Objectives and Scope
  • Processes under CSI
  • CSI register
  • Roles of process owners
  • KPI’s Lesson

Sample questions and Examination Preparation

During the course examples, and real world scenarios will be covered

In order to complete your ITIL® Foundation Certification and to become ITIL ® Foundation Certified professional, you should appear for the one-hour ITIL®Foundation certification examination that is held on the last day of every ITIL Foundation Training.
The Exam:
ITIL Foundation examination comprises of 40 questions. One has to score 26 marks (65%) to attain the certification. There will be an award of 2 credits on clearing your ITIL Certification Examination.

Formal abbreviation for ITIL®?

ITIL® stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is an IT service management framework which provides the boundaries, pillars and necessary guidance to set up an IT service management framework.

What is the ITIL® certification program overview?

ITIL offers five different certification levels 

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Intermediate (Service Lifecycle and Service Capability categories)
  • Expert
  • Master

ITIL uses a credit system from the initial level till the expert level, each certification you complete you earn a certain number of credits. A total of 22 credits is needed to achieve ITIL Expert certification. The following chart will explain you the structure of the certification scheme and their credit details.


Does my ITIL Foundation v3 certificate expire?

No. However, if any latest version of ITIL is launched, that is when you need to get certified once again, current version of ITIL foundation is ITIL V3 2011.

Which certification s I get once I complete my ITIL Foundation V3 training?

You will get 22 PDUs for classroom training from Strengthscape. After you pass your exam, you will get an official ITIL Foundation Certification professional education governing body.

What kind of trainers does my classroom training/ Live Virtual classroom training?

Our trainers are ITIL-certified, with minimum 15 years of experience who are subject matter experts in the field with vast experience in the IT domain. They carry bunch of real world scenarios to make the training more interactive and informative.

Does the exam fee included when I take up this course?

The course fee is inclusive of the examination fee. However, you can also wish to take the examination later, if required.

Here Is The List Of Things You Should Know For ITIL Certification For Beginners

In a world blooming with science and technology all over, who doesn’t want to reap the highest available benefits out of it, Yes all of us, right? With such an inclusion of science and technology, the IT industry has paved their feet and is ruling the present day market at a relentless pace.

As a being of much self-worth and the one who wants to pave their way into the fields of IT, the ITIL Course for beginners can be the best ever thing to choose and start with. With this course, you can learn every minute basics of IT service management which will certainly make you a master in the long run.

What’s In The Course?

ITIL Course for beginners signifies the basic principles and the very best practices with which you can use IT as a tool to gain a stronger position in this cut-throat competitive marketing world. With such course, you can use IT as a powerful tool for adjusting to the modern day business changes as well as growth and can even deliver real business value in the long run.

Discover Some of The Course Features And Further Objectives

ITIL, all of us know is a much larger field than we can think off. There are way too many concepts and learning those concepts back from the Internet can be a much difficult and hectic task. With an intention to ease your work a little bit, this ITIL course for beginners will help you gain a proper knowledge of some basic key elements, awareness and other different definitions which are used in ITIL lifecycle.

For further detailing, you will get to know the divergent links which will be used among different process and their further sustenance in the service management practices.

How Is This Course Valuable For Me?

If you are the one who is keen to learn some of the ITIL basics as well as want to earn some core principles of ITIL in a shorter span of time, this course will be an absolute gem as well as valuable for you.

Why Is This Certification Course Essential?

People who take ITIL course do come up with great extraordinary ideas and other significant approaches which do improve the customer satisfaction criteria at a drastic level. In the recent years, value as well as the brand name of ITIL, has increased significantly and plenty of the IT

professionals are seeking such courses to attain a higher rank in this competitive field of computers.

What Are The Skills You Will Learn At The End Of This Course?

At the end of this course, you will learn:

  • The Deep practice of IT Service Management
  • A stupendous knowledge of all phases of the ITIL Service Cycle
  • A walkthrough of some generic concepts of ITIL
  • Some great information on functions and processes in ITIL

Gather Some More Detailing Insights On The ITIL Certification For Beginners

The art of servicing to any of the customers needs some set of skills to fulfill as well as to complete it with an absolute level of perfection. For such things, there is a need for a certain set of guidelines, direction and a stronger vision to accomplish everything to an absolute level of perfection.

For such cases, the ITIL Certification for Beginners can be the absolute choice for you if you are looking to build a strong base and a marvelous career in the field of IT Service Management. The field of IT Service Management is a much larger field and has a certain set of diversity as well as complexity all at the same time. Although if you are the one who can take up the ITIL Certification for Beginners, you can reap humongous benefits for yourself as well as for your recommended organization in the long run.

What Is A Service In ITIL Certification For Beginners?

To be Precise, any service can be defined by the way you can support your customers for the achieving of an intended set of goals or any other accomplishments. This sounds a little bit complicated, right? But it isn’t if you go through the root cause of its definition.

Some examples of the services in the fields of IT may include the Internet Service, telephony, Web hosting whereas, the Non-IT ones can include Telephony, car washes, cable TV and the trash collection altogether.

Now, before you actually go for the ITIL Certification for Beginners course, let us understand what basically does ITIL means.

What Is ITIL?

ITIL Stands for an Acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library

In one of the simplest terms, ITIL can be defined as a collection of the best practices which are in relation to the management services and the divergent inputs which possibly come from divergent organizations.

If you are the one who is willing to go for this certification, you will be able to guide different service provider organizations to set up their services and can signify the ways in how to make them run in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

However, ITIL Certification for Beginners is a type of certification which is purely made for individuals and not for organizations. Individuals can opt for this basic course, can learn the different basic level core components of ITIL and can implement the same in their organization workability schedule.

Some Great Benefits Of Choosing The ITIL Certification For Beginners As Your Savior

  • An Enhancement in the Uptime of different services

By choosing this certification course, you can gradually increase the uptime of different services which will benefit to yours as well as the business productivity in the nearby future.

  • Better response & Resolution Rates

For any organization, there is nothing great than a great list of response and resolution rate. Hence, as a person who has chosen this course, you can enable in a better response, resolution rates to enhance the overall growth of an organization.

  • Cutting Down the cost of Services

Regardless of your organization name, you will be able to cut down that extra cost of the services which are making the whole working of the organization even worse than before.

Wrapping things up,

Attaining Success in the current IT world is becoming much more difficult as competition is on the fiercer mode. As a beginner who wants to shine in the IT Service Management industry, choosing the ITIL course for beginners can be the best ever option you could opt for in your life.

Get to Know a Bit more about the ITIL Course Foundation for Beginners

If we talk about the current date IT Industry, it is a lot more different as it was used to be over a decade ago. Today, millions of operations are processed in a second and there is an increased hype of people who have done ITIL course. As of now, you must have known the importance of the ITIL course and what other marvelous benefits such course can add in your workability profile.  

In the later article, catch a glimpse of this course in a more detailed format. So, let’s begin. 

What Will You Learn From This Course? 

  • At first, if you are the one who knows nothing about ITIL, this course will help you sharpen the basic concepts with regards to ITIL. 
  • You will get to know the essential principles which will help in improving the IT operations at a drastic level. 
  • Get to know about the different functions and processes which form as an integral component of any ITIL lifecycle. 
  • A great level of practical guidance which will help you in applying the ITIL guidelines to your daily IT situations 
  • Get to know the secret to align with other businesses with an ITIL course foundation, control the ever-increasing costs and improve the ever wanted IT service quality with great ease and comfort 
  • Discover some significant strategies to manage and balance the IT resources 

Who Can Join This Course? 

ITIL course foundation is open for those who like to get a little deep in the field of IT and want to upgrade their skills to an absolute level of perfection. This course is perfect for those who want to gain a basic understanding of ITIL framework and for those who want to use ITIL to enhance their existing IT service management at a professional level.  

Know About The Course Objectives  

Understand as well as integrate the IT Service Management framework on the basis of some marvelous ITIL Principles which will certainly work on the basis of ITIL Lifecycle approach. 

You will be able to integrate the IT Service Management framework on the basis of some great ITIL practices within or even outside of your organization. 

 Some Other Things Which You Will Get To Know From This Course 

  • ITIL Service Strategy 

Get to know the ITIL Service strategy which will help you make plans and even execute them in a stronger way in the field of IT service management. 

  • Service Design 

Service Design stands to be one of the key components and this is what you will be taught to learn different design conceptual things and implement them in your real IT service management area 

  • Continuous Service Improvement 

Once you have thoroughly gone through this course, you will be capable to improve your IT service management strategies at a continuous pace and with ease and comfort. 

Some More Essential Things You Should Know About The ITIL Course Foundation  

If you are the one who wants to grasp some of the best practices in the IT Service Management, this course will surely be an absolute gem for you. Talking about this course’s foundation, it was launched back in the year 2011 and is a globally recognizable course. Such program is accredited and even managed by the PEOPLECERT which is without any doubt the leading one in the global certification Industry.  

Now, you must be thinking, who are the people who can go for the ITIL Course Foundation and enhance their knowledge? Well, let us go through the divergent categories just to make sure whether you are suitable for this course or not. 

People who are in the fields of IT Project Infrastructure, Staffs working in the IT Industry like IT/ITeS, Software Construction Manager, Research and Development, Oil & Gas, Product Development and plenty more fields are there whose people can enjoy the lure benefits of the ITIL Course Foundation.  

What’s Much More Unique In This Course For Beginners? 

If you are a layman in the field of the IT Service Management, this course will make you an absolutely master that’s for sure. With this course, it surely serves as a strong foundation to teach you all the basic level things right from its scratch process. Also, those who want to build a career in the IT Service Support Role or even in the IT Infrastructure one, this course is definitely a must to do for you. 

ITIL Course Foundation- Top Recommended By Everyone 

If you think what the major top companies look for in their future candidate, plenty of them will surely say a deep understanding and knowledge of ITIL. As far as the different sectors in the top companies are considered, they recommended this course to the following: 

  • IT 
  • Networking 
  • Desktop Support 
  • IT Infrastructure Support 
  • Database Support 
  • Application Support for Becoming ITIL Certified 

Get To Know Some Of The Greatest Benefits Of ITIL Course Foundation 

With the ITIL course foundation, you can learn about the deepest modules of ITSM, can implement the same in your workability criteria and can reap huge benefits in the long run. 

  • Enhances your knowledge, skills, and abilities 

This course is a lot more than just equating your mind as it does increase the overall knowledge, gives you a kickstart to upgrade your skills and will make you acquire the different abilities which can be recognized at the global level. 

  • Career Opportunities and Advancements 

With such course at your rescue, you are bound to fall under the Radar of the top recruiters and will surely excel in your overall career and advancements will definitely be at your doorstep. 

  • Foundation for the career in IT Management 

If you are the one who wants to possess a stronger position in the fields of IT management, this course will definitely help you in achieving this foot.  

The ITIL course foundation is one of the best things for you if you are looking to embark your career in the field of IT. Take some amount of time, go through the above briefing and you will surely find one strong reason to join this course sooner or later.