Key Factors in Personal Development Factors

In the previous post, we discussed the dimension of  Intrapersonal Intelligence. Let us understand more about the Personal Development global dimension that emerges from Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

Personal Development primarily refers to an individual’s perception of self and the surrounding environment. It is a combination of how well people know themselves, how they view their present and future situation, and how well do they recover from situations which are not in their favour.

The three global factors that constitute the Personal Development are:

Self-esteem: A measure of:

  1. how much one values oneself
  2. how clear is one about one’s strengths and weaknesses
  3. how much pleasure does one derive from what one does

The feeling of being loved and appreciated is closely related to self-esteem

Optimism: This is a facet of Emotional Intelligence, and also a result of Emotional Intelligence. Being optimistic means:

  1. feeling good about oneself and one’s relationships
  2. being confident about one’s future
  3. believing that one’s best – efforts and results – are yet to come

Optimism and hope, means having a strong expectation, that, in general, things will turn out alright in life.

Resilience: The ability:

  1. to get back on one’s feet after disappointment for failure
  2. to learn from mistakes and recover back one’s ability to perform

Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected.

A high score on the dimension of Personal Development has a positive impact as:

  • Self-esteem, essentially a positive view of oneself,  drives one to accomplish more in life
  • Optimism is an attitude that buffers one from falling into apathy when one has to face tough situations
  • Resilience makes it possible to not blame oneself for negative results, and allows one to be able to strive further

A low score on this dimension can have some negative impact:

  • Lower self-esteem may result in easier acceptance of one’s limitations; this results in not wanting to put in the effort to enhance one’s capabilities to achieve more in life
  • Lower optimism may mean that one can fall into hopelessness or depression in the face of tough situations
  • Lack of a resilient spirit, makes it extremely tough to recover from setbacks and frustrations that are a part of life