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Oct 25
The ABCD of Image Quotient in the Corporate World

Introduction In the fast-paced and ever-evolving corporate world, image quotient holds a prominent place. Often referred to as IQ, it encompasses various elements that impact how individuals and organizations are perceived. The ABCD model is a comprehensive framework for understanding and improving your image quotient. In this article, we’ll explore the ABCD of image quotient […]

Oct 12
Role and responsibilities of a manager in an image consultancy

Image consultancy, also known as personal image consulting or professional styling, is a specialized service provided by professionals who help individuals, typically high-profile or those in leadership positions, enhance their personal and professional image. The aim is to project a confident and authentic image that aligns with the client’s goals, personality, and the image they […]

Sep 04
7 Tips for Handling Abrasive Personalities

A friend of mine approached me with a dilemma. There was one young man in his organisation who had skyrocketed into a senior position, while most others in his age group were still in mid management positions. A self –starter, this young man was known for his prowess to turn any dismal unit into a […]