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Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning

Why Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning?

The conjunction of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are stomping the IT trend and reaping the market. In the years to come, they hold the probability to transform and reshape the digital world beyond imagination. Given that the synergy between all three technologies cannot be debunked, let’s dive into a brief introduction on each.

What is Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning?

Blockchain technology is an encrypted, dispersed, peer-to-peer database used to record transactions across various computers. These records cannot be altered ex post facto without the modification of all subsequent blocks and the complicity of the network. Artificial Intelligence is machines with characteristics of human intelligence. On the other hand, Machine Learning is a type of AI and merely a way to accomplish AI.

How it helps?

The booming practice of Blockchain technology will bring a revolution to Artificial Intelligence. It will launch an environment that enables an unconstrained flow of information between the end-user and operant. AI will facilitate the digital life in evaluating, identifying, distinguishing, and determining; whereas Blockchain will help in authenticating, implementing, and documenting. Likewise, Machine Learning, which is part of AI, will support in discovering prospects and enhance decision making, whereas Blockchain will automate the authentication of the transactional fragments of the process

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