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devops training

Why DevOps?

Gone are the days when the solitary emphasis of organizations was to merely pursue profit. Business scopes have now broadened and the focus is on reducing costs, refining agility, boosting sustainability, and turning more competitive. IT Organizations are advancing and transforming their culture and structure to accomplish business ambitions. In order to ensure continuous software delivery and faster resolution time – pursuing a DevOps culture is inevitable.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a blend of software development and operations. It is a merger of two teams as one wherein, developers work more closely with the operations team to achieve continuous integration, timely and uninterrupted deployments, automated testing, and agile developments.

How it helps?

The roles of development and operations team have become more compact in recent years. They fathom the interdependence of these two teams for smooth delivery of high-quality software products. The primary intention is to enable individuals to be able to contribute more time towards improvement and innovation. Thus, ensuring seamless software delivery, prompter resolution time, higher productivity, professional enhancement prospects, and stable environment. Implementing DevOps will enable organizations to build, operate, monitor, measure, and improve various processes in the IT industry using enhanced assimilation between developments and operations.

Does working in collaboration between the development and operations team appeal to you?

Are you up for the challenge to improve productivity for both these teams?

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