Having an image that is congruent with one’s social, personal and professional values and aspirations could be a critical factor to one’s success. Image Consulting help clients to exercise greater control over the impressions they create over others.

It is a presentation of personal image through Appearance, Behaviour and Communication making you capable to present yourself in a cohesive way. Image Consulting is an art and a science that is often complemented with life coaching. Image Consulting is the process of empowering clients to reflect the confidence that comes from an Authentic, Appropriate, Attractive and Affordable appearance for any personal, social, professional situation or life changing events.

Strengthscape provides Professional Image Consulting services to Corporates and professionals under the brand of WorkWise Image Consulting. WorkWise Image Consulting aims at guiding individuals in the journey of discovering and enhancing image through Appearance, Behaviour and Communication.

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Image Consulting can help you with

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    Inner Image Enhancement

    We work on the TFB Model (Thinking, Feeling and Behaviour). How we perceive our image socially and professionally directly impacts our feelings and behavior which shapes our persona among people. Hence, Image Consulting helps you to bridge the gap by taking all these three parameters into consideration to enhance your inner image.

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    Managing and Improving Self Esteem

    Developing good self-esteem involves encouraging a positive (but realistic) attitude toward yourself and the world around you.

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    Appearance Management

    It’s always a struggle to create the right first impression as largely our formed perception comes into play. Our image communicates 24/7: WE CANNOT NOT COMMUNICATE. Appearance is the outer silhouette of our image which needs to be in congruence of our social and professional life. WorkWise Image Consulting offers a customised approach to enhance your outer image with the five elements of design also known as the DNA of clothing (body shape, your own color palette, fabric, textures and patterns) to build your first impression.

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    Gain Visibility

    We will help you to curate your authentic image by improving global visibility and versatility in your self image.

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    Enhance Higher Productivity

    WorkWise Image Consulting helps in enhancing the professional image, improves presentation and orientation skills, increases self-esteem and self-confidence required in today’s highly competitive world.

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About WorkWise Image Consulting

WorkWise Image Consultants help clients to assess, craft and enhance their Personal Brand that brings congruence in the inner and outer self of an individual. Image consultancy can be carried out in customised one-to-one or group formats. Once the assessment is complete, the image consultant applies the information to create a transformational journey for the client.

From carving a professional appearance to building confidence in inter-personal interactions, our image consultants will help you with every small detail of building the right image.

The idea is to make the appearance and attitude Authentic, Attractive and Appropriate to the individual’s environment. This often includes Grooming, Clothing, Body language and Etiquette.

Meet Our Team


WorkWise Image Consulting is a team consisting of experienced and certified image consultants spread across India. Our team is trained to deliver large roll outs across corporates in a way that assures great Business Impact.

WorkWise Image Consulting by Strengthscape, is headed by Sunaina Singh who has over 15 years of experience in Image Consulting, Hospitality and Corporate Event Management. She is a NLP trainer, a certified soft skill trainer by NABET India and International DiSC Certified trainer. As an Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer, she brings structure and real-life experiences to enrich learning interventions for our customers. She specializes in training on various facets of Business Etiquette, Executive Presence, Image and Personal Branding. As a “personal branding” expert, she helps people inculcate the right etiquette that empowers them to greater success and personal effectiveness.

WorkWise Image Consulting team works in both one to one and one to many formats, essentially, customizing the approach based on the need and success criteria. We assure our customers for gold standard customer service as they go thorugh an exciting iMAGE makeover journey.

WorkWise Image Consulting Offerings

Global Leadership Quotient


GLQ Pre Assessment
Leadership Profile
Roles & Goals
Styling, Wardrobe & Grooming
Executive Presence
Global Workplace Etiquette
World Travel Cluster
GLQ Post Assessment

Global Professional Quotient


GPQ Pre Assessment
Workplace Profile
Roles & Goals
Styling, Wardrobe & Grooming
Weekday Presence
Diverse Workplace Etiquette
Weekday Travel Cluster
GPQ Post Assessment

Corporate Professional Quotient


CPQ Pre Assessment
Work Profile
Roles & Goals
Styling, Wardrobe & Grooming
Interview Ready
Workplace Etiquette
Weekday Travel Cluster
CPQ Post Assessment

How are we different?

  • Match your Inner Image according to your Behavioural Style

    Creating a strong personal brand is Critical. Having an image according to your behaviour style is essential since it dictates how people perceive you. Our Image Consultants will help you in matching your Image according to your Behavioral Style.

    Strengthscape is an award-winning Authorized Everything DiSC Partner. DiSC is the leading psychometric assessment tool used by more than 45 million people globally, to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.

    WorkWise Image Consultants help you to map your inner and outer image with the quadrants of your DiSC behavioral style through assessments which interprets your uniquenesses. Where DiSC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

  • Experienced Consultants

    WorkWise Image Consulting has an experienced team consisting of Certified Image Consultants PAN India. Our senior Image Consultants will guide you in your journey of discovering and enhancing your personal brand.

  • Customized Delivery

    We at WorkWise Image Consulting provide customized sessions according to clients need. Our image designer works with the client reviewing their life style, goals and personality traits in a systematic way.

  • Extensive Post Consultation Support

    WorkWise Image Consulting provides continuous support through individual handholding during the Image Journey and once it is over.

  • Blended Delivery Approach

    Our Image Consultants conducts Face to Face, Virtual Consulting sessions and Workshops in order to create life changing experience for their clients. We deliver customised Image makeover workshops with blended delivery approach in order to achieve the desired objective.

Why Image Consulting?

People judge you in a matter of a second based on the first impression they have for you. How you present yourself, is how people first view you. An Image Consultant will guide you in presenting yourself to your real highest potential.

Each person is unique in their own way. Image Consulting takes an individual strength, downplays weaknesses and makes optimum use of the resources. This would help to gain confidence and create an authentic, empowering personal brand what people perceive about you.

Who needs Image Consulting

WorkWise Image Consulting is the answer for anyone and everyone who wants to be successful in life.

  • Business Leaders
  • Global Business Travellers
  • Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Artists etc.
  • Entrepreneur
  • Sales People

Materials provided

  • Pre and post assessment
  • Handouts
  • Look Book
  • Recommendation Booklet
  • 3 months of WhatsApp support

Benefits of WorkWise Image Consulting

  • Match your Image according to your Behavioural style
  • Customized session plans to meet the desired objective.
  • Break your distance barriers by online Image Consulting and virtual Personal shopping
  • 100+ Image Consultants PAN India
  • Experienced and trained Image Consultants
  • Personalized shopping

GLQ- Global Leadership Quotient

“Leadership Image is the capacity to translate Vision into Reality”

The leadership team is the professional brand of the organization that mainly interacts with onshore and offshore clients. Strong leadership teams make it easier for leaders to take right decisions, improve organizational culture and have a more holistic view of the organization. Leaders build strong leadership team which allows them to make the best decisions possible. Global Leadership Quotient is for Leadership team, Executive Board members, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Global Business Leaders and various CXO levels.

The GLQ pre- assessment would assess you regarding your social skills, global business etiquettes, self-image and self-confidence. After knowing your personality in a better way, our experts would train you on how leaders can be authoritative yet approachable at the same time and improve the ability to command a room in an authentic way that inspires others.

Discover your DiSC leadership style and learn a simple three-step process to help you approach the fundamental work of leader. Leaders have three fundamental responsibilities which are crafting a Vision, Aligning and Executing them.

Roles and goals of a leader include visioning and leading the way. His work is to encourage people and to bring out the best in them.

“Success favours the well groomed”

Inner-image is a product of learning and experience Style is something each one of us already has, all we need to do is find it. Image styling is the ongoing process of evaluating & controlling the impact of your appearance and the response on you and others.

“Presence is more than just being there”

When you develop powerful Executive Presence, you automatically strengthen your leadership personal brand, which means – the way others perceive, think, and feel about you as a leader, which is a critically important foundation of success.

Get ready to take the world by storm with this international business etiquette, travel-sized for your convenience. Knowledge of international business etiquette is relevant for conducting meetings, building relationships with others and demonstrating respect for local culture.

Travelling is creating your own journey with your experiences, creating memories with your aura. Along with these elements a very important factor comes into play are the cues of Clothing which reflects your personal style in congruence to your image & persona. A Cluster is a group of coordinated pieces which are distinctly different from one another in terms of color and design detail, but they can be teamed with each other for more variety and versatility.

The post assessment would demonstrate the progress you have made during the whole intervention; this would help us in analyzing the way forward.

GPQ – Global Professional Quotient

Team leaders serve various roles in an organization. Each organization today is a microcosm of the world – with people from across the globe working together. This environment demands cultural sensitivity and global etiquette from professionals to fit-in. These programs can be custom-designed to address specific challenges areas for the Globe trotters. Global Professional Quotient is for Business unit heads, sales professional who travels and for IT people and senior managers.


The GPQ assessment would help in understanding and assessing your self-image, global workplace etiquettes, role identity and emotional intelligence. This would help us knowing your personality better so that our Image Consultants can help you create a lasting impression which would help you achieve success in your professional life.

The Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile can be administered across verticals and helps build better workplace relationships. This would make you understand and appreciate the behavioral styles of the people you work with. As a manager you will be able to map the strengths of the team which will result in establishing a cohesive working environment, hence increase in productivity.

Team leaders serve various roles in an organization. Their job is to get tasks done by using all of the resources available to them, including other employees or team members. As a manager you should be able to delegate the work according to the strengths of team members.

Image styling by WorkWise Image Consulting is a process of empowering clients to reflect the confidence that comes from an Authentic, Appropriate, Attractive and Affordable appearance for any personal, social, professional situation or life changing events.

We help our professionals to craft a versatile and appropriate weekday presence Image. WorkWise Image architects educate them about the various corporate attires and style scale according to the roles and goals they play.

In today’s era of globalization, where most organizations have diverse group of clients, and travelling has become a part of most of the jobs, it becomes extremely important for professionals to be aware about all cultures around the world.

Traveling is your best experience to enhance your learning. Our professionals play a diverse role in a day to meet business needs. Here our Image designers  make them aware how to be appropriately dressed to fit into any corporate or social event carried out in a day. How to travel smart with your style and get noticed to mark your first impression internationally.

The post assessment would help us evaluate the progress made during the image makeover journey and plan the way ahead.

CPQ – Corporate Professional Quotient

You never get a second chance to make the right first impression therefore; it is essential to be at your best in order to be Executive Presence Ready. Our Image Designers come up with list of offerings which we provide to Institutes in order to make the students campus to corporate ready in terms of Grooming, Soft Skills and Etiquette.

The CPQ pre assessment would help in understanding your Personality and Behavioral traits in a more complimenting manner. Through personal coaching enhance your image quotient and elevate your personality to be corporate ready. Bring the best version of your personality to face the corporate world.

Work Profile is a personality assessment designed especially for entry-level jobs and fresher. The assessment helps to reliably measure an individual’s work personality through their workplace, social and emotional traits, as well as the values and aspirations that drive them forward.

Students not just have to study for their examinations in their college life but must prepare themselves for the next phase of their lives, which is the corporate world. Hence, it is significant for them to present and communicate in a professional way that creates a lasting impression in front of campus recruiters while giving interviews.

Communicate your image and confidence effectively through your outer appearance. Get the corporate look and project confidence and professionalism.

Get prepared for group discussions and interviews by mastering the art of communication and presentation skills.

Your behaviour and etiquette can make or break a deal; hence it is extremely important to polish your general, social and business etiquettes. WorkWise Image Consulting would help you to become Campus to Corporate ready.

Learn the art of mixing and matching with your existing wardrobe. Create attractive yet professional weekday looks in an affordable manner.

The post assessment would make you understand, how far you have come from where you started. This would help us understand your image journey better.

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