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ID Course Name Duration Start Date
SSTP397 90mins Book Review Sessions
SSTP250 Account Mastery Program
SSTP029 Advanced Business Communication
SSTP029 Advanced Business Communication
SSTP194 Advanced Negotiation Skills
SSTP368 Agile EQ For Managers
SSTP370 Agile Scrum Workshop
AI-Enhanced Instructional Design Certification
SSTP426 Artificial Intelligence for Leaders
SSTP378 Assessment and Development Center (ADCs)
Assessor Certification
SSTP344 Augmented Coaching
SSTP011 AWS Cloud – Admin & Development
SSTP401 Azure Synapse Analytics Training
Big Five Profile
SSTP020 Blockchain Advanced Workshop
SSTP021 Blockchain Basics Workshop
SSTP132 Building a Cohesive Team
SSTP341 Building a Winning Culture
SSTP385 Building Inspirational Leadership
SSTP359 Business Communication Skills
SSTP041 Change Management Training
SSTP046 Chief Executive Facilitator
SSTP398 Coaching-Based Approach to Management
SSTP299 Collaboration – Partnering for Success
Competency Mapping Certification
SSTP051 Conflict Management
SSTP403 Connect & Collaborate
SSTP208 Creating Safe Spaces
SSTP337 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
SSTP031 Cultivating Ethical Excellence in the Workplace
SSTP365 Cyber Security Workshop
SSTP068 Data Science with PYTHON
SSTP072 Data Science, Machine Learning & AI – Python Programming (Level 1 & 2)
SSTP071 Data Visualization – with Tableau 10
SSTP363 Dealing with Low/Poor Performance
SSTP329 DEI Champion Certification
Design Thinking Certification
Digital Transformation
DISC Trainer Certification
Diversity and Inclusion Champion Certification
SSTP375 Eggplant Automation Tool
SSTP384 Empathetic Leadership
SSTP399 Employee Advocacy Training Program
Entrepreneur Test
SSTP402 Entrepreneurial Mindset for Leaders
Everything DiSC Agile EQ – Everything DiSC
Everything DiSC Agile EQ Facilitation Kit
Everything DiSC Management | Strengthscape
Everything DiSC Management facilitation kit
Everything DiSC Productive Conflict – Everything DiSC
Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Facilitation kit
Everything DiSC Sales Facilitation kit (USB)
Everything DiSC Sales Profile – Everything DiSC
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders – Everything DiSC
SSTP387 Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Debrief
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitation Kit
Everything DiSC Workplace – Everything DiSC
SSTP116 Everything DiSC® Management Debrief Program
SSTP120 Everything DiSC® Workplace Debrief
SSTP348 Excellence In Leadership
SSTP388 Executive Coaching for Leaders
SSTP123 Executive Presence
SSTP099 Feedback Forward for Managers
SSTP131 First Time Manager
SSTP379 First Time Manager – Long Tail
SSTP103 Fostering Emotional Intelligence
SSTP103 Fostering Emotional Intelligence
SSTP372 Fostering Leadership Excellence
French Language Test
SSTP424 Gender Sensitization
SSTP366 Google Cloud Workshop
SSTP361 Growth Mindset Template 1
SSTP361 Growth Mindset Template 2
Hiring Expert Certification
SSTP147 Hiring Expert Certification
SSTP400 Influence & Impact
SSTP404 InnovaLead
SSTP153 Innovation and Design Thinking
SSTP160 Jamavaar ® – A Tapestry of Organizational Vision
SSTP371 Java – Core & Advanced Workshops
SSTP161 JIRA Administrator Workshop
SSTP162 JIRA User Workshop
SSTP165 Leader as Coach
SSTP221 Leader’s Toolkit for Fostering Psychological Safety
SSTP349 Leadership Feedback & Coaching
SSTP114 Leadership Insights with Everything DiSC® Agile EQ
SSTP354 Leading an Organization
SSTP342 Leading Through Conflict
SSTP169 Leading Through Diverse Situations
SSTP380 Leading with Purpose
Management Development Trainer Certification
SSTP054 Managerial Courage
SSTP135 Mastering Gender Intelligence
SSTP194 Negotiation Skills – Advanced
SSTP195 Negotiation Skills – Foundation
Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
SSTP200 Overcoming Cultural Conundrums
SSTP340 Overcoming Unconscious Bias with Diversity
SSTP412 Perception, Proposition, and Presence
SSTP317 Personal Transformation
SSTP356 Proactive Mindset in Early Managers
Productivity and Collaboration Tools
SSTP334 Professional Facilitation Skills
Professional profile 2
SSTP361 Professional Skills in Facilitation – Fast-track
SSTP221 Psychological Safety at Work
Reasoning Test-R
SSTP357 Return to Work
SSTP236 Risk Taking
SSTP396 Sales Leadership Program
SSTP419 Sales Mastery Accelerator
Sales Profile-R
SSTP240 Salesforce
SSTP245 Six Sigma
Skillsoft Leadership & Business Skills Portfolio
Skillsoft Technology & Developer
SSTP367 Software and Automation Testing Workshop
SSTP248 Stakeholder Management
SSTP256 Stress Management
The Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit
SSTP096 The Execution Blueprint
The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Facilitation Kit
The Five Behaviors Personal Development Facilitation Kit
The Five Behaviors: Personal Development Profile
SSTP345 Think Like a CEO
SSTP362 Think On Your Feet
SSTP280 WEQUiTY – Inclusion for Leaders
SSTP281 WEQUiTY: Inclusion for Managers
SSTP285 Women in Leadership
SSTP286 Work of Leaders Program
Work Profile

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