As cited by Jeff Bezos, life balance is not a debilitating phase, rather it is the balance between personal and professional lives. It follows the principle of ‘The Better you are at home; better you are at work’.


Douglas (1980), defined stress as any action or situation that places special physical or psychological demands upon a person. Competition, restructuring, and automation in the ever-growing industry have led to internal and external stressors like lack of clarity and role overload, long working hours, big consequences for small failures, lack of personal control, lack of recognition, and poor leadership, and misuse of power and status. Employees across levels are affected by these stressors, often struggling to keep up with the pace, achieve success and manage life balance. Occupational stress spreads gradually and continuously over time, sending people into a downward spiral from where it is hard to recover.

In this session, employees would learn to tap the internal and external causes, find out the root cause of stress, and strategies to cope with stress.


At the end of this program, employees identify the root cause of workplace stressors at an individual level and develop the ability to manage stress by adopting different strategies.