Traditional ways of managing team using power and authority to drive team productivity is no longer effective. Team building refers to a process of transforming a cohort group to a cohesive team. It is an art of establishing a collaborative team culture, influencing the way employees work together in a team, thus driving performance and boosting employee morale. Team building offsites and workshops are a way of both acknowledging their contribution of the team to the organization and enhancing their productivity further.

Team Building can help you with?

Building a culture of collaboration

Improving communication within the team


Boosting team and employee morale


Reduce employee turnover


High engagement & working towards collective results


Fostering innovation & providing an edge over others

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Our Delivery Model

Instructional Design has now gained momentum due to the entire emphasis on User Experience (UX) Design. Learners now need to be given an environment of experiential learning where they can create meaning and relevance out of the context.

This, of course, is not possible with a traditional mindset of creating instructions. Various layers need to be incorporated to make the result enriching and giving a high return-on-investment.

Instructional Design helps to understand those layers and gives principles to construct effective instructions that further enhances learner experience and overall learning and development.

Why Strengthscape?

  • Experienced facilitators

    Activities is conducted by our experienced Strengthscape Authorized Trainers present pan India, with experience of handling both big and small group size in team building.

  • Bespoke Activities

    We create customized activities based on the outcomes expected by the client.

  • Experience across Industries

    We have worked across industries and with global clients helping their team to meet their goals and objectives.

  • Catalyst of Learning

    Strengthscape has been evidently in the market with a great experience of all type of learning interventions across industries.

Team Building Elements

Even the best of teams can benefit and improve from team building exercises. These are extraordinary methods for enhancing correspondence, spirit, inspiration, profitability, helping representatives to become more acquainted with each other, and finding out about one’s qualities and shortcomings.

Team building exercises can be utilized by any business, large or small, to advance better collaboration in the working environment. As most entrepreneurs and directors know, incredible cooperation is one of the key elements related with an organization’s prosperity.

Well-designed activities for team building consider several factors such as:

  1. Nature of the group in terms of the work they do
  2. Business goals that the team strives to achieve
  3. Number of people in the group, their gender and age ratio and physical ableness
  4. Individual skills, strengths and weaknesses of group members

Keeping these factors in mind, several types of team building exercises, as given below, can be designed:



Team building programs can be conducted both indoor and outdoor (even in outside locations) and we can support with the delivery of the same

Psychometric Tool Based

Assessment tool-based approach, in which team undergoes planned intervention with specific developmental outcomes to be achieved
nature camps

Nature camps

Helping teams to go out camping/trekking as a group but coming back as a cohesive team
adventure actvities

Adventure sports

Adventure in the office is not enough? Go out with your team for outdoor adventure activities but those that are safe
csr based trainings

CSR based Team Building

An approach to build teams over the social cause with which you cater to two essential elements of an organization at once.

Our Delivery Model

Team Building helps in making teams work together in an active and lively atmosphere of learning and reflection allowing them to connect better in an informal way and setting. It makes employees understand other individuals within the same team and in the organization in a better way. It helps to inculcate a feeling of inclusion, collaboration and cohesiveness amongst members of the team.

Following image explains our delivery approach which is flexible and further customizable based on the purpose, target audience and objectives to be achieved.

We would get into a discovery call to understand your requirement and create a customized proposal for you. The session plan and activities can be co-created between Strengthscape and client team. Post confirmation of the design, Strengthscape would prepare for the execution with some dependencies on the client with respect to certain logistics and then proceed with execution.

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