Our Ambition

Increasing adoption of learning and making it sustainable in organizations using a Blended Design Approach

About Us

Strengthscape is an organizational development and transformation organization headquartered in Bangalore, India. They provide end to end L&OD services in the areas of behavioral training, psychometric assessments, executive coaching, content development, competency mapping and multiple HR certifications that help organizations in various developmental initiatives. Their expertise lies in designing and delivering both in-person and virtual bespoke learning experiences that are rooted in neuroscience and behavioral psychology research.

Skillsoft is a leading global provider of high-quality, innovative, cloud-based learning and performance support resources. Enabling organizations to achieve competitive advantages through superior enterprise-wide knowledge and skills. Skillsoft provides 120,000 pieces of content, including over 7,000 courses, 65,000 videos, and 46,000 book options and counting which have a scientifically validated basis. Skillsoft along with Accenture and MIT initiated a sponsored neuroscience researchthat explains which instructional design methodologies have the greatest impact on the effectiveness of video-based instruction.

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Our Partnership (Why the Partnership?)

The VUCA and agile world coupled with reducing attention span has disrupted the space of learning. This paradigm shift has changed the outlook towards learning engagements – a shift from event-based to learning journeys that are spaced out.

Learning, like everything else today, also needs to be personalized. HR and L&OD professionals have realized that “one-size-fits-all approach” is ineffective in learning.

Strengthscape and Skillsoft’s partnership will help organizations adapt to these strengths. Our offerings complement each other and provide a comprehensive learning solution through blended learning. This approach effectively engages people in a personalised learning journey through different modalities and improves adoption of learning initiatives.

How our partnership benefits you?

  • Personalize your training needs with our well-crafted blended learning solution providing seamless transition from one medium to another
  • Gain ultimate flexibility in delivering content with us which covers all styles of learning
  • With decreasing attention span, increase learning engagement by taking employee centricity approach in designing learning solutions
  • Create innovative learning designs, give control and choice to the learner, integrating micro-learning sessions, eLearning etc – learning anywhere and everywhere

Broad Outline of Blended Learning – A Joint Offering

Blended Learning

The Strengthscape and Skillsoft Blended Learning Design is a comprehensive, customizable learning path which caters to the need of both the business and the learners.



The learning journey starts with a thorough need analysis to understand the learners, their performance and learning gap, desired level of performance, roles and responsibilities and various other factors critical to personalise the learning path. Various psychometric assessment tools by Strengthscape are used in this stage. The discover stage sets the stage to define the competencies required to be worked on.


Learning adoption and commitment is critical for learning effectiveness. Therefore, our design ensures that the learning journey is promoted, and learners are motivated at intervals using various marketing and communication collaterals customized and designed by Strengthscape.


Strengthscape’s strength of delivering live virtual and classroom instructor-led sessions (instructional design based content development and high-skilled facilitation and coaching) along with Skillsoft’s innovative, well-researched, brain research-based digital learning assets complement and combine at this stage to provide learning with an efficient, engaging and effortless learning experience.


Learning cannot take place unless there is a change in behavior (driven through knowledge and skills) is observed. Therefore, there is a need to assess for any needle movement that indicates learning effectiveness and suggest improvements in the way forward journey


We must all take out time to celebrate accomplishments, whether big or small. All the effort and time invested by the learners to develop themselves must be acknowledged and celebrated by capturing the key takeaways, concrete action plans and commitment to the next step in the learning journey


Learning is a continuous process and shouldn’t stop even if the instructor is not around. Access to Skillsoft’s library along with engaging features for the modern learner helps the encouraged learners to sustain their development journeys

This integrated offering can be further personalized based on the learning need and target audience. One or more of the Skillsoft solutions that has been described below can be used in this integrated journey to develop critical competencies.

Strengthscape’s Instructor-led Training Solutions

Strengthscape has to its credit over 5000+ hours of in-person (classroom) and live virtual training and 3000+ hours of executive coaching delivery. With a strong team of instructional designers, content curators and certified trainers and coaches, Strengthscape has delivered training for organizational, team and personal excellence across levels and industries enabling them to meet their growing learning needs.

While classroom sessions are our forte, live virtual training is additionally a strength for our trainers and facilitators who know the art of engaging and boosting learner motivation in a virtual set-up. We have also been conducting various certifications using live virtual mediums from the last four years.

The in-person or live virtual instructor-led sessions along with one-to-one coaching sessions complement and integrate with the various self-paced digital learning solutions offered by Skillsoft.

Skillsoft’s Digital Learning Solutions

Skillsoft Solution Description
Skillsoft Percipio Skillsoft bundled their world-class content management and delivery capabilities into a platform called Percipio. Skillsoft Percipio makes learning easier, more accessible, and more effective. And it’s available anytime, anywhere, on any device. Skillsoft Percipio delivers immersive learning that lets people “watch,” “read,” “listen,” and “practice.” And ELSA, a Skillsoft Percipio browser plug-in, enables learners to search, discover, and learn in real-time and in the context of their everyday workflow without leaving their browser. So, whether they’re ready for something new or just need an answer fast, Percipio is the easiest, most effective way to learn.

For administrators, Skillsoft offers Percipio via Software as a Service (SaaS) and is accessible on any web-enabled PC, tablet, or mobile — without assistance from IT. With Skillsoft Percipio, you’ll have reports and dashboards for easy data visualization of assignments, programs, and usage, so you can better articulate the ROI, value, and business impact of eLearning across your entire organization.

Leadership & Business Enable your people to access learning anytime, anywhere, from any device and develop the executive-level mindset and capabilities that can help accelerate their careers. In today’s fast-paced, digital world, leaders are needed at all levels of every organization. Step up with Skillsoft.
For any organization seeking effective leadership, Skillsoft is a purpose-built, fully mobile solution for leaders of all levels. We recognize there are hundreds of leadership training providers in the market, however Skillsoft’s approach makes them different. They address the unique intersection of digital business strategy and leadership practice. Their programs are backed by MIT and Accenture research, feature expert contributors, and include unmatched depth of insights on the most pressing business issues facing today’s digital leaders. With more than 20 years of experience, Skillsoft knows leaders accelerate their growth by learning through compelling scenario-based programs, paired with insights from renowned thought-leaders, and reflecting on their own performance with carefully designed self-evaluation tools, and implementing best-practices through robust performance guides. Furthermore, leaders benefit from sharing their experiences through virtual workshops, cohorts and other virtual events with their peers.
Skillsoft’s Leadership Development Program (SLDP) is powered by MIT Sloan Management Review, the preeminent content leader at the intersection of business and technology. SLDP addresses the changing way in which leaders must develop in order to ensure continued growth for themselves and for their organizations.
Technology & Developer Technology is rapidly growing, and so can your people. Skillsoft empowers them to maximize their time with learning that suits their preferences, schedule, and learning style. Learners then apply their new skills directly to the projects in front of them; prove their expertise; and grow in their organization. Learners choose from thousands of courses, micro-learning videos, certificate programs, intensive bootcamps, and practice labs. Your people get the skills and competencies needed to become the go-to guru, in-house expert, or just land that next project. Like, security; cloud computing; software development; networking; project management; and scrum. With Skillsoft, you’re leading-edge and future-ready.
Compliance Skillsoft takes compliance as seriously as you do. With over 20 years in the global learning industry, they not only understand how individuals learn, but how learning can change behavior. Skillsoft validated their instructional design, as it compares to other training providers, as having an impact on the emotional response to the training. And they’ve applied brain science to many of their compliance courses.

Skillsoft can help you reduce risk and reduce costs by delivering an effective compliance program. They partner with top legal and safety experts to develop accurate, up-to-date, and legally sound content in 33 languages for more than 500 risk areas. In other words, they’ve got you covered. From legal compliance issues; code of conduct and ethics; sexual harassment; privacy, cybersecurity, and data protection; workplace compliance essentials; workplace safety solutions; workplace health and safety; and transportation; to global health and safety; security and business continuity; emergency response; environmental compliance; hazardous waste operations; HIPAA; unconscious bias; risk mitigation. Compliance training is essential. At Skillsoft, they make it easier than ever to do the right thing.

One or more of these key product lines can be integrated with the Blended Learning roll-out offered as a joint service by Strengthscape and Skillsoft. We will also support you implement and increase adoption of the learning platform along with its modules.

The Skillsoft products can also be purchased as exclusive channels without integrating them into blended learning journeys. Contact us to explore how we can support you with this.

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Your next step

Rethink and transform your existing learning culture with a personalized, innovative, and high-quality learning design offered jointly Strengthscape and Skillsoft. Leverage our complementing strengths and help your organization and its human resources to beat the odds and prepare for the future.

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