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Rapid eLearning Development Using Adobe Captivate


20 hours of live virtual sessions

Facilitated by experts – 5 sessions of 4 hours each spread over 2 months
6 monts lms

6 months of LMS Access

Access to Strengthscape learning management system

project guide

40 hours of guided project work

Experiential learning by practice through guided project work

90 minutes of Interactive assessments

Interactive assessments in the form of module-end assessments


1 hour of coaching

One-on-one coaching by the faculty

global certification

Global certification

Widely recognized Strengthscape Certification

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What is Adobe Captivate?

Adobe Captivate is a pioneering authoring tool that works to create smart eLearning design for rapid eLearning development. It is the go-to platform for content creators, training professionals and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Adobe Captivate does all the heavy lifting of creating fully responsive, mobile-ready eLearning content that includes educational courses, application simulations, product demos and many more.

With striking new features in the latest 2019 release, Adobe Captivate makes eLearning development swift, hassle-free and seamless across all computing devices. It enables eLearning professionals to improve audience engagement and enhance delivery of content.

The course will be delivered in two modes:

  • In-person classroom and
  • Virtual Live Program
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Adobe Captivate can help you

  • strengthscape online capability

    Making elearning courses intreactive

    With the help of Adobe Captivate, educators and L&D professionals can create interactive courses on all subjects and topics to make classroom learning fun and engaging. It also allows the conversion of PowerPoint presentations to rapid eLearning courses.

  • feature-mobile

    Create responsive designs

    With features like Typekit font integration and fluid boxes, you can create online courses that are responsive and are compatible with a variety of mobile devices. Moreover, you can convert non-responsive courses to responsive ones in a few clicks.

  • elearning services

    Making simulations

    Adobe Captivate makes it easy to create watch-try-do simulations to include in your rapid eLearning course.

  • null

    Provide access to assest libarary

    The Assets library offers more than 75,000 assets, such as course starters, characters, games, interactions, scenarios, etc. The built-in library saves the time and extra budget for detailed graphics and programming.


Why use Adobe Captivate?

about adobe captivate

With the advent of the mobile revolution and rapid growth of internet access, reliance on connected devices such as smartphones and tablets is at an all-time high. More than 80% of the corporate sector is now compelled to develop web-based resources that work seamlessly across all devices.

The need for eLearning course that is responsive, yet quick to create, has led to the development of Adobe Captivate which helps to generate online learning resources quickly with minimum effort. The rapid eLearning development tool from Adobe is power-packed with various features that allow you to build technology-enabled learning resources that can be accessed seamlessly on multiple devices.

With access to their in-built Assets library, you can use more than 75,000 assets like graphics, characters, themes, etc., making your content interactive and engaging.

Why Strengthscape?

  • In-house content development team

    Strengthscape boasts of an in-house capacity of delivery and extensive experience in multiple eLearning projects that provide assistance with the Adobe Captivate course.

  • One-stop solution for eLearning

    With complete knowledge of Adobe Captivate, you don’t need to look elsewhere for rapid eLearning development. We are a one-stop solution for all your eLearning requirements.

  • Post-program support

    Strengthscape provides access to the Learning Management System and Adobe Captivate reference materials and course presentations to assist you and provides on-going long-term support even after course completion and certification.

  • Personalized coaching

    Strengthscape ensures retention of learning and provide the needed assistance to the participants through the 60 minutes interaction between the facilitator and each participant.

  • Experiential learning

    Strengthscape provides an experiential learning for the participants with the help of a live project with guidance from experts

  • Certification

    Strengthscape certificates are widely recognized.

Rapid eLearning Development Using Adobe Captivate Session Plan

SL. NO Session Scope Outcome
1A What is Adobe Captivate Brief run-through of the features and functions available on Captivate Explain the uses and features of Adobe Captivate
1B What's New in 2017 Release Explore the new features like Fluid boxes, responsive screens, Typekit integration Demonstrate the steps on creating a new project
1C Adobe Captivate Workspace Introduces to the captivate workspace to create new project
2A Slides Learn how to use different slides as per requirement Design a new project with all the different types of slides
2B Master Slides Explore the master slides to customize the slide look and feel
2C More with Slides Explore more properties of slides like Lock, Hide and Group
3A Images and rollover images Learn how to add images Identify the creative ways to enhance your project
3B Adobe Photoshop files and SVG files Learn how to import different types of images and logos
3C More with Images Create own watermark images in the project
4A Basics in Audio Learn how to view the audio files Design way to incorporate audio into your projects
4B Recording audio Enhance to record the audio
4C Previewing Audio Exploring the audio
4D Inserting and exporting audio in captivate Exploring the different setting of audio and inserting different types of audio into the project
4E Editing audio Learn to edit the audio for better results
5A Synchronized videos Lear how to insert different types of video files Create your projects by learning the use of video and animation effects
5B Event videos Modify the video and edit accordingly
6A Question slides in Captivate Learn to add Quiz slides in the project Make use of interactive features
6B Quiz Preferences Exploring the preferences of Quiz
6C Inserting knowledge check slides Learn to insert the Knowledge check in the project for better understanding
7 Recording simulations Create step-by-step simulations for software and product demos PlanMake detailed training courses via simulations
8A Table of Contents (ToC) Learn to insert table of contents into the project Decide on the best way to broadcast your project
8B Publishing as HTML5 and SWF Enhance different publishing options such as HTML5 and SWF
9 Actions on Captivate Lear about the advanced features such as actions and variables Design innovative projects with Captivate’s advanced features
10 Responsive Projects Make the most of 2017 release’s features like fluid boxes and Typekit integration Design new eLearning module applicable for all the devices.
11 What is new in captivate 2019 Learn how to open virtual reality project Experience virtual reality with 360o media

Benefits of Learning Adobe Captivate

adobe simulation-logo
  • Help you to develop software simulations for eLearning courses
  • Teach you to quickly develop quizzes using in-built tools
  • Breaks down the entry barrier into eLearning
  • Teach you how to use simple object management tools
  • Help business owners save money when educating staff
  • Enables you to create interactive courses that work across all digital devices

Who should get certified?

  • Content Developers: Work on creating complex, structured and tailor-made content faster and with lesser effort.
  • eLearning Developers: Use the entire array of Captivate’s features to maximize your rapid eLearning development ventures
  • Instructional Designers: Design interactive courses for engaging course delivery and maximized learning
  • Freelance and Corporate Trainers: Convey technical knowledge to corporate staff using Captivate courses
  • L&D Professionals: Use Captivate to create engaging lessons and courses for professionals.
  • Teachers and faculty members: To create interactive eLearning courses for students to enhance learning
who should attend

Application of Adobe Captivate

  • Educational Courses

    Create interactive lessons on various topics to make classroom learning engaging and interesting

  • Professional Training

    Create interactive professional courses for adult learning

  • Software Simulations

    Develop step-by-step learning of software that provides feedback and progress analysis

  • HD Product Demos

    Improve your product sales by creating HD demos

  • Assessment Modules

    Keep a check on progress using assessment modules that can be accessed across different platforms

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