Being an Assertive Manager – Get the best result

Being the managers of an organisation, one must get the best results out of the available resources and team. Hence being assertive becomes a crucial component in delegating and to achieve the results.

Strengthscape’s Being an Assertive Manager- Get the best result program is designed to enable managers to recognize the importance of being assertive and use this skill to get the work done. Assertiveness requires the use of some techniques which when practiced and developed can help people managers to lead their teams efficiently

Being an Assertive Manager Need Addressed
  • Are you often mistaken as aggressive and rude when trying to put your point across?
  • Do you want to avoid appearing as a judgmental and aggressive?
  • Do you want to give constructive feedbacks without exaggeration?
  • Do you want to become influential in your delegation?
  • Do you want to encompass techniques to improve your assertiveness?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then Being an Assertive Manager – Get the best result is just for you

Being an Assertive Manager Program Objectives

In this session, we’ll aim to give you something practical that you can use in your day-to-day life so that managing teams and difficult situations becomes easy. The program is geared towards making the communication of people managers more poised, tactful and influential without offending the team members.

Being an Assertive Manager Program Features

Being an Assertive Manager- Get the best result is based on experiential learning using a blend of both well-researched information and graphics along with online pre-work, engaging facilitation, case-study sessions, discussions and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience. Program gives insights of the skill of assertiveness for a manager.


2-Day intensive training

Virtual Follow-Up

Being an Assertive Manager Program Outcomes
  • Lear how to say “no” when required
  • Avoid appearing aggressive by using the right set of words
  • Develop the ability to give constructive feedbacks
  • Build capability of getting the work done through effective delegation
  • Create an accountability-driven ecosystem for the employees
Experience Being an Assertive Manager






Being an Assertive Manager - Session Plan
Session Name Brief Overview
Introductions Round-robin introductions and setting expectations.
Different Styles of Management Understanding Passive, Aggressive and Assertive Management Styles
Day-to-Day Dilemmas Identifying day-to-day dilemmas face by people managers such as managing disagreement and conflict with/among people, understanding technique to accept feedback, holding your ground in the face of aggression
Essentials of Communication Understanding essential components of effective and assertive communication such as empathy, active listening, self-awareness, emotional awareness, building rapport and asking the right questions
Assertive Responsive Model Understanding the four quadrants of this model. Differentiating between being assertive, responsive, aggressive or non-assertive
Empathy and Active listening Listening and understanding the opposing view and trying to explore another person’s position
Techniques of assertiveness Exploring various techniques of assertiveness that can be used in day-to-day life. Ways to put across one's opinion and express without defending others. How to use ‘I’ statements while confrontation
Action Plan What new to Start? What to stop? What has to be continued?

This is the overview of Being an Assertive Manager – Get the best result. The program is customizable based on client requirements. To know more, write to us at