What is Competency Mapping?

Competency Mapping is a process to identify key competencies for an organization or a job and incorporating these competencies in various processes of the organization. A competency is defined as a behavior or set of behaviors (i.e. communication, leadership) rather than a skill or ability.

By conceiving the required competencies, defining a competency framework, mapping existing skills and competencies of the employees, identifying gaps and then developing the competencies can provide a systematic and measurable method for developing organizational capability.

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According to Boyatzis (1982) “Competency Mapping is a capacity that exists in a person that leads to behaviour that meets the job demands within parameters of organizational environment, and that, in turn brings about desired results.”
The process of competency mapping enables us to articulate what every employee brings to the table and the process greatly contributes towards job-evaluation, recruitment, training and development, performance management, internal mobility and succession planning.


Competency Mapping can help you with:

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    A competency-based approach

    allows an organization to understand its capabilities and the gaps it is exposed to. A competency-based approach allows it to fine tune all HR related downstream activities

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    becomes more focused and the specific competencies required become clear.

  • talent managment

    Talent Management

    becomes easier with the skills being defined clearly and the behaviours employees are to be assessed on.

  • learning organizational development


    Learning and Development and Organizational Development become easier.

  • competency mapping framework

    A competency framework

    makes it easier for organizations to plan, strategize and implement to optimize overall organizational capabilities.

Why Competency Mapping?

who should attendIn short, Competency Mapping is a fundamental activity which drives capability development in an organization and helps it to be more strategic than its competitors.

How are we different?

  • Experienced facilitators

    Strengthscape has an experienced team consisting of organizational developmental analysts, instructional designers and eLearning developers who provide practical insights in the process.

  • Blended Delivery approach

    Strengthscape conducts both online training, eLearning modules and live case studies to enhance convenience and make the program cost-effective.

  • Spaced-learning approach

    Strengthscape takes a spaced learning approach giving enough time to absorb the concepts and practice, leading to better retention and more concrete learning.

  • Our Own Methodology

    Strengthscape provides a tried and tested, comprehensive methodology to map the behavioral competencies of employees. Our internal methodology of competency mapping is called StrengthMapping. StrengthMapping methodology works around the behavioral competencies of the employee.

  • Individual handholding

    Strengthscape provides continuous support through individual handholding for higher learning effectiveness.

Application of Competency Mapping

  • Identifying the performance gaps

  • Applying in HR process like recruitment and selection, job evaluation and performance management

  • Developing balanced performance appraisal system for development results and change management

  • Designing an assessment centre to evaluate and enhance the performance

  • Understanding ways to integrate your performance review system with the training plan of the organization

About Competency Mapping Certification Program

The Program is one of its kind designed and delivered by industry veterans.

The program is delivered virtually and includes a blended approach, which consists of e-modules and virtual simulation.

This certification will also allow participants to partake in live projects, basis availability of the same.

Competency Mapping Certification Session Plan

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Session Name



Module I: Introduction to the Concept of Competency


Getting started

Brief introduction, expectation setting and describing the outcomes

Prepare for the days ahead by gathering expectations, assimilating key questions on Competency Mapping


Defining Competency

Understand the nature of competency and its role in streamlining HR functions. Learn the types of competencies and behaviours.

Define competency

Distinguish between competencies and its mythical synonyms



Competency Mapping Overview

Understand what competency mapping and competency framework is, differentiate between the two

Define competency mapping

Understand select cases from the industry

Recognize the importance of competency framework


Categorization of Competencies

Understand the different buckets for competencies and how their application differs

Understand Threshold competencies vs Differentiating Competencies

Prahlad and Hamel's categorization

Guglieliemino's categorization based on the characteristics of behavior

Module II: Developing a Competency Model


The History of Competency Models

Historical methods of Competency Model

Learn about how competency model has evolved


Developing a Competency Model

Design and implement competency models

Learn to implement and integrate competencies

Discover the different approaches to develop Competency Model

Apply the 7-step model of development


Module III: Measurement Techniques


Various Measurement Tools

Experiment with different tools and techniques and apply them to test you understanding

Visualize the working of BEI in competencies

Apply psychometric assessments in measurement

Practice using role plays, group discussions


Assessment Centres


Gain understanding on the working of an assessment centre

Interpret the meaning, relevance and challenges of implementing assessment centres


Creating and Applying Measurement Tools


Gather perspective on how to relate to the measurement tools

Decide methodology for competency assessment

Identify scalable properties of Competencies and Designing Scales

Design the competency assessment tools

Module IV: Technology in Competency Mapping


Software’s for Competency mapping

Establish the relevance of technological platforms and how they have been incorporated in firms

Outline the working of software’s


Module V: Applications


Organizational uses of Competency Mapping

Deduce how the entire framework can be used to the organization’s advantage.

Implement the learnings and see how they can be used at the organisational level

Competency Mapping Course Details

  • The course is enriched with audio, visuals, assessments, case studies as well as follow-up sessions for clarifications.
  • Access to Strengthscape’s Learning Management System (LMS) which has a range of learning materials starting with the course manual, videos, eLearning content, podcasts, case studies and a whole lot of assessments which promotes self-paced learning and help participants become confident of what is being taught.
  • The course manual is divided into 5 modules. Each module has chapters and units.
  • Online Competency Mapping Certification: 30 hours of live virtual Instructor-led sessions conducted every weekend spread over 12 sessions of 2 hours 30 minutes each. This is followed by live project and final assessment.
  • Enterprise Version: The Enterprise Version is best suited for organizations that use or proposes to use Competency Frameworks and would like to train their HR and L&D professionals and trainers. Master facilitators from Strengthscape conduct a two-day in-person certification along with 5 hours of virtual training on exclusively for internal teams of organizations.
  • Participants are expected to go through LMS and read the manual, watch videos and listen to podcasts as well as read any additional reading material that are provided.

Who should get certified

  • Human Resource professionals
  • Learning & Organization Development Experts
  • Individuals involved in performance management
  • Professionals who have taken on training role within their department
  • Professionals who are involved in hiring process

Material provided

  • Access to Learning Management System (LMS) with Course Manual
  • 1-year complimentary access to the Digital Library
  • Assignments and worksheets on the LMS

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