Corporate Etiquette – Opening better doors through manners

Being skilled in handling and presenting oneself with grace gives an edge in the competitive forum. Though good etiquette skills do not compensate the technical skills, it surely does places an employee at the top of the table. Creating a positive image in front of others by being polite and thoughtful comes handy in lot of situations.


To grow personally and create a self-branding in the organization proper business etiquette plays a unique role. It is well known that etiquette aids in individual growth but proper manners of the employees also add weightage to the organization and creates a brand.

Need Addressed
  • Do you find it difficult to handle contacts and meetings in a professional way?
  • Do you like to form a good impression in first meeting with client or officials?
  • Is there a difficulty in managing telephone etiquette and cheerful tone?
  • Would you like to understand professional etiquette?
  • Do you want to learn effective meeting and office etiquette?
  • Do you wish to create an impact with your written and oral communication?
  • Do you like to learn proper business social etiquette?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then Corporate Etiquette – Opening better doors through manners is just for you.

Program Objectives

The main focus of the program is to help employees understand the importance of proper business etiquette and how it gives a competitive edge through knowing the ABC of corporate etiquette. Assist employees to learn to deal with ethical and personal dilemmas while dealing with cross cultural business etiquette.

Program Features

Corporate Etiquette – Opening better doors through manners is based on experiential learning using online pre-work, engaging facilitation, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience. Based on best practices, program connects etiquette skills with technically strong functioning to promote personal growth.


1-Day intensive training

Virtual Follow-Up

Program Outcomes
  • Gaining a perspective on importance of corporate etiquette
  • Knowing about the ABC of etiquette
  • Being able to form good impressions
  • Understanding the way of reading body language
  • Knowing the different etiquette in different cultures
  • Learning to be confident in social settings
  • Understanding to deal with etiquette dilemmas
  • Being able to develop proper email, telephonic and behavioural etiquette
Experience Corporate Etiquette – Opening better doors through manners






Session Plan
Session Name Brief Overview
Introductions Participants are introduced to the entire structure of the course and their commitment reaffirmed.
Case study Describing a business scenario and asking the audience to point out do’s and don’ts of professional etiquette.
ABC of etiquette Gaining a perspective of Appearance, Behavior and Communication in professional etiquette.
Personal grooming Talks about grooming, formal dressing, making good first impressions, and managing body language.
Personal style This guides audience how to have a personal style through proper conversations and mannerisms and to create a personal brand.
Professional Etiquette Introducing audience to telephonic, email, written, spoken and behavioral etiquette.
Global etiquette Information about various etiquette followed in different culture and country and how to manage global etiquette.
Dealing with dilemma With the growing differences and diverse management, one should learn to deal effectively with ethical and personal dilemma.

This is the overview of Corporate Etiquette – Opening better doors through manners. The program is customizable based on client requirements. To know more, write to us at