In today’s world, when the work quality cannot be compromised at any rate, every company seeks for the best employees. Great knowledge about the local market with the best functional and technical assistance is the right mix for success in the global economy. So, companies do not hesitate to look for a workforce that is geographically scattered. The diverse workforce helps the organizations get the best put from every culture. But the challenges are equally enormous as benefits. When the employees are working from different areas, at different time zones, there can be miscommunication, distrust and cooperation can fade away into the air. A well-designed program can smartly avoid these issues and bring the best from a global team.

Creating International Teams - Need Addressed
  • Do you like to know the secrets behind the best global teams?
  • Do you find difficult to deal with the social distance and the resulting lack of emotional connection in a global team?
  • Are there communication difficulties even though everyone speaks the same language in your team?
  • Do you want to draw the best from your team?
  • Do you like to know what are the latest trends in communication technology that enable successful business communication?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then Creating International Teams: Getting Closer, though Far is just for you.

Creating International Teams - Program Objectives

The main focus of Creating International Teams: Getting Closer, though Far is to help leaders create global teams in the most efficient way. Knowing to tap the potentials of each individual and understanding the problems and knowing how to resolve them because of lack of physical proximity is made easy in this training program.

Creating International Teams - Program Features

Creating International Teams: Getting Closer, though Far is based on experiential learning using online pre-work, engaging facilitation, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience. Based on best practices, the program provides an opportunity to look deeply at those aspects of a global teams that were so obvious, but never given importance to.


2-Day intensive training

Virtual Follow-Up

Creating International Teams - Program Outcomes
  • Discovering the importance and application of global teams in the competitive world
  • Adapt and celebrate the different cultural practices of the team members to put it for the benefit of the teams
  • Examining the practices that were followed till date, evaluating and replacing if needed.
  • Learn the right use of technology while handling global teams
  • Formulate a communication system that is understandable for everyone in the team and hassle free
  • Being able to develop proper relation with team mates and clients
Experience - Creating International Teams






Creating International Teams - Session Plan
Session Name Brief Overview
Introduction Participants are introduced to the entire structure of the course and their commitment reaffirmed
Building International Team This session appraises the leadeThis session talks about the most useful techniques to be incorporated during the creation of a global teams
Managing the Social Distance Introduces the framework of SPLIT, which explains the five major components in a global team and how to manage each of them.
Challenges of an International Team This session talks about those challenges that are difficult to be overcome and how to manage them if not resolve.
Use Technology; Not Always It would be surprising to hear not to use technological assistance while communicating with team members who are in different parts of the world. This session talks about when is proximity necessary and when to rely on technology.
Benefits of Global Teams Audra Mockaitis lists and analyses the five benefits of having an international team from the HR perspective in the International Journal of Human Resource Management

Training and coaching are very powerful that in enabling global teams to get to know their talent and potential that lies within each individual how to make the right use of them. Creating International Teams: Getting Closer, though Far provides a best platform for the same. Contact us for more details and to design the program according to your needs at