Strengthscape, a leading player in the business psychology space presents DiSC Certification in Chennai. The program which is conducted Face to Face will promise a fun filled and engaging learning experience for professionals in the fields of coaching, soft skills training, learning and development, sales, human resource management, people management and behavioural training giving them the credentials to take their competencies across borders.

Having a long term association with a global leader in psychometric assessment like Wiley, Strengthscape has not just been organising DiSC Certification in Chennai, but also in other parts of India and the world.

Make the best use of DiSC profiles at your workplace. Enroll for DiSC Certification in Chennai Now.

The DiSC Certification in Chennai is a face to face program for duration of two consecutive days. The program will take the participants through the depths of psychology and the structure of the human brain and how it influences behaviour.

The thinking, feeling behaviour model is explained to gain deeper insights into the process of learning. The program will also include a session on the history and evolution of DiSC. The trainees will be given clear guidelines on how to apply DiSC Profiles for coaching interventions, and for planning organisation wide DiSC based Training programs.

The DiSC based training programs are used by organisations across the world to improve employee performance through improving their interactions with each other at the workplace. Employees are assessed and made more self–aware through DiSC assessments and they are trained on how to flex their behaviour in accordance with those of others.

Thus a culture of trust and mutual understanding is built in the organisations and people feel confident voicing their opinions and concerns leading to more cohesive work environments.

DiSC Certification in Chennai will also focus on how DiSC Assessments can be used to hire the right talent. Organisations today struggle to find the right talent and most of the time interviews just gauge people on the basis of their knowledge and experience.

It is too late by the time managers realise that in spite of the right education and experience people they have hired are not able to match up to the challenges that a job role demands because they don’t have the attitude or motivation levels.

Using behavioural assessments like DiSC Profiles in the hiring process can help to understand whether a prospective candidate has the right personality or attitude that the role demands. This will ensure that there is better fit since today most roles are highly demanding.

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