Strengthscape presents DiSC Certification in Delhi. We pride in calling ourselves experts in the field of business psychology and have proven our mettle in providing end to end services for people management using the world’s leading behavioural tool – DiSC Assessments.

DiSC Certification Program empowers Trainers, L & OD Professionals, Executive and Life Coaches, Soft Skills and Behavioural Trainers, People Managers, Business Leaders and Executives to design and deliver DiSC based facilitation and application of DiSC to solve organisational crises.

Special Offers for DiSC Certification in Delhi:

  • Free Trainers login for total access to a vast sea of resources on human behaviour, andragogy, psychology and DiSC tools.
  • Access to a trainers network on Facebook, Twitter and WhatApp which helps you grow your pool of contacts
  • Access to the Instructor Led Live Online DiSC Certification program to brush up on prior DiSC knowledge or clarify doubts that emerge during the application of DiSC tools.
  • Award winning services on completion on the Strengthscape DiSC Certification.
  • Complete support for enhancing your DiSC practice through session plan formats for facilitation, presentations, PDFs, training manuals, games and activities.

Benefits of DiSC Certification in Delhi:

  • Instant CV booster, increasing your credibility as a freelancer and improving prospects and visibility in the job market.
  • Learn the finer aspects of human behaviour from our master facilitator and use it to build organisations that have happier and satisfied people, who love coming to work and are motivated to give the best each day.
  • Know how to use DiSC Assessments and support tools to create a culture of open dialogues, increased trust collaboration and mutual understanding.
  • Transcend boundaries in training, mentoring and coaching through mastery in a globally accepted tool like DiSC Profiles.
  • Gain confidence in understanding and interpreting behaviour around you and use it to gain personal and professional growth.

If you find it difficult to take time off work or find it too hectic to travel for the Face to face DiSC Certification in Delhi, we have two more options for you. You can enroll for the Online DiSC Certification Program, which is led by our master facilitator and happens during weekends only.

For people who wish to learn at leisure we have the e-learning DiSC Certification program which can be taken according to the learner’s convenience. So get set to take your brand across borders through DiSC certification. Enroll for a program of your choice today.

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