If you are an individual or part of a business which is looking for behavioural assessment solutions then we have the answer for you right here – Strengthscape DiSC Certification in Indonesia. Strengthscape is a forerunner in the domain of business psychology offering best in-class solutions in training, coaching, assessments and certification in every gamut of management.

Our rich and diverse experience in the fields of management, psychology, sociology, neuroscience and anthropology together with partnerships with leading assessment firms have made us a provider of choice for best brands across the world.

An authorised Wiley everything DiSC partner, Strengthscape offers Face to Face DiSC Certification in Indonesia and other parts of the world on a regular basis.

The DiSC trainer Certification is also provided in the Online Instructor Led Live format which can be accessed online at prefixed schedules.

For people who wish to learn at their own pace and do not wish to be part of a facilitated session, Strengthscape offers an e-learning based enterprise version of the DiSC Certification course.

With a plethora of options to choose from, a DiSC Certification from Strengthscape is now a simple and hassle free process brought to your fingertips just a few clicks away.

Who should attend DiSC Certification at Indonesia?

  • Learning and OD professionals who are looking for smarter and deeper options to study human behaviour
  • Soft Skills or Behavioural Trainers who are looking for the right credentials to canvas overseas training opportunities.
  • People Managers who are looking for an objective tool for incorporating into developing a non- judgmental yet comprehensive feedback management system.
  • Life Coaches who find it challenging to design coaching interventions that fit right into the coachee’s learning style.
  • Professionals who are at career crossroads and are scouting for the boost to increase marketability and scope in the job market.
  • Businesses which are looking out for a simple and objective tool which can be implemented company- wide cost effectively.

DiSC Certification in Indonesia could just be the answer for all the questions which have been plaguing you. This certification will help you in arriving at the solution for all workplace concerns which have been at the top of your mind for the past many days.

So what are you waiting for? Gear up and get set to be part of a fun-filled and engaging session which will take you through the amazing world of human psychology, put things in perspective through DiSC model and teach you how to apply it to organisations through case studies, activities and role plays. Learn more about DiSC Profiles the fun-filled way. Enroll for the DiSC Certification in Indonesia here.

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