Strengthscape, a leading business psychology firm headquartered in Bangalore India, tries to bring together the best of business acumen and human psychology to add value to the end to end processes of your businesses. The offerings from Strengthscape include training,  coaching, assessments, certifications and much more.

Strengthscape is an authorised John Wiley partner and has been successfully conducting DiSC Certification in London and other parts of the globe.

You can also use the secure and interactive website of Strengthscape to purchase DiSC Classic, Everything DiSC, EPIC Account and other DiSC Assessments, DiSC Profiles and support tools.

So what are you waiting for? Register now for the DiSC Certification in London.

Why attend DiSC Certification in London?

  1. The DiSC Certification in London will be a one of a kind learning experience filled with engaging videos, role plays, real life business scenarios, games and activities and you can be a master in DiSC Profiles while having a fun learning time.
  2. Our facilitators are experts in the fields of neuroscience, anthropology and organisational psychology and come with decades of industry experience. Their rich and diverse exposure on DiSC Assessments and its applications will ensure that they leave no stone unturned in maximising inputs on DiSC related tools.
  3. Our support is continuous and does not end with just a one-time DiSC certification. Strengthscape guarantees complete assistance and support to all professionals certified through them for a full year post certification in creating session plans, building training material and designing games and activities for all DiSC based facilitation.
  4. Free access to a Trainer’s Login is given to all DiSC Certified professionals which is a vast repository of resources and assures that all your queries or doubts regarding human behaviour and its intricacies are addressed.
  5. The DiSC Certification from Strengthscape promises an opportunity for continuous learning since you get to network with a trainer and facilitator group through social media. That’s not it. Free access is provided to the Online DiSC Certification program for a whole year after completion of the Face to Face Certification program, just in case you have doubts or queries during implementation of DiSC in your organisation.

If you are on a hectic schedule and do not find time to be part of the Face to Face DiSC Certification in London, there is nothing to worry.

You can register for the Online Live Instructor Led DiSC Certification program which happens at regular intervals for a duration of 16 hours on weekends.

People who wish to learn at their own pace can enroll for the Virtual E-Learning certification. The same course if offered in three different formats to suit your learning style and convenience.

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