Strengthscape is a firm headquartered in Bangalore, India. We pride ourselves in being business psychology specialists with experience and expertise in bringing together business acumen and neurosciences.

Strengthscape offers tailor made, end to end solutions to improve organisational performance and productivity which can be applied to specific roles across various levels of business.

The behavioural offerings by Strengthscape promise to enhance personal effectiveness improve communication, build cultures of open and transparent communication, mutual trust, total collaboration and deep understanding.

Strengthscape, an authorized Wiley Partner has all rights to conduct and offer DiSC Certification in Malaysia other parts of Asia and the world.

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DiSC Certification in Malaysia – Who should attend?

  • Sales Professionals who are finding it immensely challenging to close deals because of not being able to accurately predict what their customers want.
  • People Managers who use behaviour as a tool to increase interpersonal effectiveness and build team collaboration.
  • Trainers who wish to transcend boundaries and build global training brands.
  • Executive Coaches who struggle to manage group coaching efforts at optimal costs.
  •  L & OD Professional who regularly handle behavioural training programs for businesses.

All of the above and others who feel that understanding human behaviour is impossible, can enroll for the DiSC Certification in Malaysia to take a fun filled adventurous voyage through the realms of human mind and behaviour.

Benefits from DiSC Certification in Malaysia:

  • Increase your profitability and productivity to use the deeper understanding of human behaviour that you have to increase workplace effectiveness.
  • Create a culture of trust and satisfaction through promoting open conversations and dialogues at the workplace using DiSC Profiles to get people to understand each other better.
  • Design training programs that are highly synchronized with what the learner wants to learn and is delivered in the style that they want.
  • Re-engineer feedback systems using the objectivity and experience of DiSC Classic and the role affinity of Everything DiSC to enhance performance.
  • Use Everything DiSC suite to generate role specific programs and policies which are highly personalised.
  • Build highly collaborative teams that are culturally sensitive, dynamic and high on energy.

DiSC Certification in Malaysia is a face to face program. The same experience of a live and interactive facilitation is recreated for people who do not find it convenient to spend two full days in a location specific training program in two other formats.

Strengthscape also offers an Online Live Instructor led Certification Program which can be scheduled on dates of your convenience on weekends. For people who prefer to learn on their own and do not require facilitation from a coach, Strengthscape has the enterprise version or the e-learning DiSC Certification program.

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