What is WEQUiTY?

We + Equity = WEQUiTY
In the world full of errors in perception, WEQUiTY helps in creating a sense of belonginess and collective identity

Benefits of a Diverse & Inclusive workplace environment

A culture of diversity and inclusion:

  • Boosts morale
  • Promotes a culture of learning
  • Drives innovation and productivity
  • Attracts & Retains millennials and other talents

Researches indicate:

  • Gender-diverse companies perform 15% better
  • Ethnically diverse businesses perform 35% better
  • For every 10% increase in diversity and gender of executive teams, company earnings increased by 8%

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Why Diversity & Inclusion training is essential?

Diversity & Inclusion is no more just an HR driven initiative, but it has become a business imperative. Research backs the fact that organizations that actively work towards Diversity & Inclusion also have better financial performance.

Diversity & Inclusion is about creating a workplace that promotes and respects diversity and is inclusive to leverage strengths of all people irrespective of their differences. The biggest barrier in promoting Diversity & Inclusion are our Cognitive Biases.

The workshops therefore come with a focus of articulating the business case for D&I, recognizing common workplace behaviours that are counterintuitive to D&I and recognizing cognitive biases.

How are we different?

  • idea

    Experienced facilitators

    Experienced trainers and facilitators who have undertaken varied projects and bring experience and knowledge of the industry best practice

  • training

    Blended Delivery Approach

    Strengthscape conducts the Diversity & Inclusion program using a theatre-module to engage the participants, convey sensitive messages and sustain the learning

  • development

    Personalized Learning Experience

    Strengthscape also works closely with the stakeholders to deliver a program that is customized to the client needs to make the learning more relatable to the audience

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    Individual Handholding

    Strengthscape provides continuous support through individual handholding for higher learning effectiveness

  • communication

    Extensive Post-program Support

    We at Strengthscape, pride ourselves in providing continuous and extensive support post any program

Our Offerings

We have a series of SIX programs under the WEQUiTY that will be catering to different audiences.

wequity bugs


WEQUiTY Bugs brings into light the unconscious cognitive biases, stereotypes and prejudices that are impacting the organization’s growth.  The program would emphasize on Neuroscience principles and the influence of brain chemistry that sometimes inhibits diversity & inclusion and discuss ways to overcome the BUGS in the brain
wequity leaders

WEQUiTY Leaders

Culture flows from the top. WEQUiTY Leaders is a facilitated workshop that highlights the importance of a leader facilitating conversations around Diversity & Inclusion and creating a culture of celebrating and accommodating the differences within the organization
wequity managers

WEQUiTY Managers

WEQUiTY Managers is targeted towards making managers as the catalyst of the Diversity & Inclusion process. The focus is towards enabling them to identify the biases and drive them within the teams to adopt a much more inclusive work culture, which will subsequently make a positive impact on the teams and their performance

WEQUiTY Office Medley

WEQUiTY Office Medley is a theatre-based workshop on Diversity & Inclusion. With the help of theatre artists, the workshop brings out the various aspects of diversity & inclusion, highlights common counterintuitive behaviours and promotes reflective discussion amongst the participants to become more inclusive.
wequity posh


WEQUiTY POSH focuses on sensitizing the internal committee and the employees about the law and practices around POSH and informs about the steps to handle POSH related cases effectively
wequity Premiere

WEQUiTY Premiere

WEQUiTY Premiere has varied programs related to multi-generational diversity, diversity with respect to differently-abled population and women empowerment. The program will be customized to focus on specified areas based on client requirements.

The program is customizable based on your needs. If you are planning for any upcoming Diversity & Inclusion program, WEQUiTY is the best go to option.

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