Global Professional Quotient – Be Globe Ready

With the dawn of Globalization employees of various multi-national organization are often expected to communicate with the people from different cultures, different countries and in diverse situations. And success of an organization greatly depends on the quality of communication and interpersonal relationships. Modern day employees are required to develop a professional demeanour,


an impressive business etiquette and behavioural flexibility to be able to adapt to cultural diversities. Strengthscape Global Professional Quotient- Be Globe Ready program is designed to enable participants to recognize and handle various differences in the most effective way and produce strategies through creative solutions.

Global Professional Quotient Need Addressed
  • Is your Peer and Supervisor pool diverse?
  • Is your company looking to you to capitalize the global market?
  • Are you focusing to compete worldwide?
  • Do you have diversified meeting locations?
  • Do your stakeholders have international experience and linguistic skills other than your own?
  • Are you willing to capitalize the global market for your company?
  • Do you get to attend to clients from varied cultural background?
  • Do you want to have competency in intercultural perspective?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then Global Professional Quotient – Be Globe Ready is just for you.

Global Professional Quotient Program Objectives

To make the employees globe ready by making them aware about the similarity among the differences. Trying to alter the monocultural attitude of the individual by making them competent enough to perceive and decode behaviours in multiple cultural contexts and to help them connect with people from other cultures on an intellectual as well as emotional level, which leads to recognize and capitalise on opportunities for expanding its market.

Global Professional Quotient Program Features

Global Professional Quotient- Be Globe Ready is an experiential training that uses online pre-work, engaging facilitation, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience. It connects different dimensions of the problems faced by monocultural attitude in a virtual world to real-world demands, generating powerful action plans.


1-Day intensive training

Virtual Follow-Up

Global Professional Quotient Program Outcomes
  • Ability to think and act locally and globally
  • Awareness of diversity across cultures
  • Willingness and ability to synthesize across diversity
  • Developing intercultural mindsets of acceptance and adaptability
Experience Global Professional Quotient – Be Globe Ready






Global Professional Quotient Session Plan
Session Name Brief Overview
Introductions Round-robin on expectations Post it activity for expectation capturing. Check list of key issues.
Mapping the unstructured process Understanding the opportunity in professional interactions.
Seeing Similarity in the differences Differentiating between stable and adaptable behavior, aptitude and attitude. Acknowledging the differences on the basis of Direct vs Indirect, Task vs Relationship, Egalitarian vs Status and Independent vs Interdependent.
Iceberg Model Personality and behavior - Understanding attributes – from personality, behavior, thinking, feeling and behavior perspective.
Culture Sensitivity Understand how the concept of time, integrity, space, body language and “words” is different in different cultures.
Dining Etiquette Identify Dining dilemmas and experience dining etiquette.
Dressing and Grooming Understanding international practices in dressing and grooming and in creating a wardrobe that goes with one’s personality, professional etiquette and personal budget.
Start Stop Continue Discussion based session to enhance learning.

This is the overview of Global Professional Quotient – Be Globe Read. The program is customizable based on client requirements. To know more, write to us at