Innovative Thinking – To Face the New World

Innovation is the final result or the end product while design thinking is the path to be travelled to reach the end-product.

Innovative thinking is an iterative ad non-linear process which allows us to be empathetic towards the customer problems and understand them from different perspectives to create innovative and unique solutions. The relevance of innovative thinking is growing in magnitude every day because of the rapid changes in the environment and behaviour.

Innovative thinking assures that we show our presence in the rapidly changing competitive world along with creating successful solutions to the problems.

Innovative Thinking - Need Addressed
  • Do you find it difficult to differentiate between innovation and improvement?
  • Would you like to know the various types of innovation?
  • Do you want to be better than your competitors in terms of innovation?
  • Would you like to practice innovative thinking?
  • Taking a walk through the nature can give you ideas. Would you like to know how?

If you answered ‘yes’ for these questions, we can help you. Join us for Innovative Thinking – To Face the New World.

Innovative Thinking Program Objectives

This session focuses on a range of important aspects of innovative thinking. Innovative Thinking is the way forward in the competitive world of today. Innovative Thinking is not a skill one is born with but a process anyone can learn. The objective of this session is to introduce this process of innovative thinking to the participants and enable them to practice this process in the context of the organization.

Innovative Thinking Program Features

Innovative Thinking – To Face the New World is a one-day workshop based on our approach to Design Thinking and Innovation, Fail Over and Over for Success (FOOS). It is an experiential workshop where the participants get to be in touch with various natural phenomena and other aspects to practice each step of design thinking and innovation.


2-Day intensive training

Virtual Follow-Up

Innovative Thinking Program Outcomes
  • Dissect issues, decisions, and opportunities and goals systematically
  • Build innovative products by generating numerous ideas quickly
  • Analyse various trends around us to get a picture on how to innovate
  • Spot opportunities where others see only problems
  • List various perspectives for a problem
  • Explore the need of the customer
  • Create solutions that are measurable and repeatable
  • Apply FOOS method to create Lo-fi prototypes
  • Present business case for new products and services with greater confidence.
Experience Innovative Thinking






Innovative Thinking - Session Plan
Session Name Brief Overview
Introductions Buy in for learning
Check list of key issues
Introduction to Innovation & FOOS methodology Understand the process of innovation
List the areas of innovation
Differentiate between the types of innovation
Summarize the principles of Innovation and Design Thinking
Strengthscape’s FOOS methodology is introduced to the participants. In the subsequent sessions, participants will experience
State 1: Charter of Innovation Practice creating a charter of innovation. Assessing its relevance at the FOOS stage
State 2: Inspiration Define inspiration
Understand the impactful global trends in while innovating
Apply various methods of inspiration: Nature walk and Holistic Scape
Prepare Empathy Map
State 3: Ideation Apply steps in ideation to refine the ideas:
• Ground work
• Cluster it
• Brainstorming workshop
State 4: Concepts Convert ideas into concepts using Sort & Irrigate Method
Test concepts using Select & Irrigate method
Understand the neuroscience behind creating concepts
State 5: FOOS Implement the ideas and concepts to create miniature of the product using the Fail Over and Over for Success (FOOS) method

This is the overview of Innovative Thinking – To Face the New World.  The program is customizable based on client requirements. To know more, write to us at