Leader as a Coach – Learn. Live. Lead

Everyone would have their definition of a leader. So who is a leader for you? A flawless rock star? A subject matter expert who has an answer for every business challenge? Someone who helps his team members with solutions and information? If these are your opinion then you need to explore more. We believe that to be an effective leader, you need to be an effective coach. We improve the skills of leaders by helping them increase their self-awareness, perceptions and analyse their strengths and weaknesses before helping other team members do the same, so that they can act both independently and in concert with the goals of their organization. That’s what the program help you do.

Leader as a Coach - Need Addressed
  • Do you wish to understand the integral role of leader accurately?
  • Do you struggle to discover the needs of your employees and align them?
  • Do you want to gain awareness about yourself and about your employees?
  • Do you like to explore new strategies to assist employees function to their optimal level?
  • Do you wish to gain a perspective of ways of evaluating and acknowledging the performances?
  • Do you like to learn the principles and skills of coaching?
  • Do you like to understand the role of a mentor/coach?
  • Do you wish to understand the ethics of coaching?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then Leader as a Coach – Learn. Live. Lead are just for you.

Leader as a Coach Program Objectives

The program focuses to encourage leaders to reprise their said responsibility by making an effort to shape the understanding, development and learning of team members so that they can act both independently. It provides leaders a never- before learning opportunity to know about the various skills involved in coaching and gain a perspective of the DANCE methodology.

Leader as a Coach Program Features

Leader as a Coach – Learn. Live. Lead is an experiential training that uses online pre-work, engaging facilitation, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience. Based on best practices the program connects leaders coaching skills to overall growth and function of organization


2-Day intensive training

Virtual Follow-Up

Leader as a Coach Program Outcomes
  • Develop knowledge about the skills and principles of coaching
  • Relate to the concept of learning cycle
  • Discover the role of goal setting in the coaching process
  • Develop understanding about values, beliefs and assumptions
  • Create ways to improve self-awareness
Experience Leader as a Coach






Leader as a Coach - Session Plan
Session Name Brief Overview
Introduction Participants are introduced to the entire structure of the course and their commitment reaffirmed
What is Coaching Understand the nature of coaching, how it functions and the importance of this role of a leader
Role of a coach Learning in depth about the various roles of a coach, what are the personal qualities to be first ticked in order to be an effective coach
Types of coaching Gaining a perspective of the types of coaching: Executive and life coaching. Exploring further to learn about the sub-types under the executive coaching
Common goals of coaching The session deals with few basic and common goals of coaching and also about the three related components: organization goals, passion and strength
Skills In this session the focus is towards understanding in detail about the 12 skills of coaching
Principles Gaining a perspective about the eight principles of coaching would enable leaders to the concept and aid them while engaging in actual mentor role
Learning cycle Focuses on knowing the steps in coaching process and the fie step methodology
DANCE methodology Understand about the specialized methodology. DANCE – Discover, Awareness, New Strategy, Combat & Elevate and acknowledge
D of DANCE This exclusively focuses on discovery stage and explains in detail about the 10 steps of discovery
ANCE of DANCE This session provides an understanding about the other four aspects of the DANCE methodology.
Goal setting Emphasis on SMART goals and how the goal setting is integral for self-functioning as well for coaching
Ethics of Coaching Every aspect should be ethical and professional, and coaching also has certain ethics to be maintained. The overview of the ethics are provided

This is the overview of Leader as a Coach – Learn. Live. Lead. The program is customizable based on client requirements. To know more, write to us at contact@strengthscape.com