Managing Diversity – Embracing Differences

In the modern-day scenario everyone is competitive to excel and the globe has shrunk into a global village because of technological advancements. Workplaces are not the same as how it was before because in this global village, people from different cultural backgrounds are working together. Embracing and respecting diversity is the key to success. Diverse workforce brings different viewpoints, innovations, different experiences and skills. Companies with diverse workforce outperform those with employees from same background.

But handling a bunch of people whose preferences, attitudes, habits, lifestyles and worldview are different is not anywhere near easy. Hence, diversity management is the need of the hour. Organizations that can successfully manage diversity definitely has a competitive advantage over the others.

Managing Diversity - Need Addressed
  • Do you have a diverse workforce?
  • Do you want the best for your team members?
  • Do you struggle to maintain unity in diversity?
  • Have you noticed “cold-war” amongst the employees?
  • Do you have clients from various backgrounds?
  • Are the company policies strong enough to protect your employees from discrimination?
  • Does your team celebrate differences or suppress them?

If you do not have a positive answer to most of the questions, it is alarmingly urgent for you to learn how to manage diversity within your team. Managing Diversity-Embracing Differences program will help you to manage diversity in your team and organization.

Managing Diversity Program Objectives

The main focus of the program is to help the leaders understand the importance of recognizing and respecting the differences in the workforce. They are given an opportunity to introspect the way they approach the conflicts emerged from differences and generate ideas to turn the differences for good.

Managing Diversity Program Features

Managing Diversity-Embracing Differences is based on experiential learning using online pre-work, engaging facilitation, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience. Incorporating the most effective learning principles and teaching methods, the program is beneficial to the leader as well as the team members.


2-Day intensive training

Virtual Follow-Up

Managing Diversity Program Outcomes
  • Recognize the importance of diversity in workplace
  • List the imperatives to hire a diverse workforce
  • Relate to the principles of individual differences and understanding diversity
  • Summarize the connection between handling diversity and attracting customers
  • Utilize ways to increase inclusion
  • Building a tolerant and understanding workforce
Experience Managing Diversity






Managing Diversity - Session Plan
Session Name Brief Overview
Introductions This would be the introductory session when the participants get to know about the program, facilitator and each other.
Managing a diverse workforce Understanding the importance of a diverse workforce and the model of Total Quality Diversity are presented to the audience
Understanding Perceptions Our perceptions play an important role in managing diversity. Understanding how we are biased and may have prejudice against certain groups without being aware of the same.
Cultural diversity Understanding nuances of different cultures and how each culture is different from others. Highlighting some do’s and don’ts when dealing with others from a different cultural background
Hiring diverse workforce Managing diversity is not only for the existing team members but also for the new comers. Talks about the importance of recruiting the right candidate in terms of education, experience, skill set and attitude and not let bias and prejudice hamper decisions.
Managing diverse clients Team excellence can be ensured when the team is trained to treat the customers also with equal respect and acceptance like.
Policies and practices It is also important to ensure that every team member is protected against any kind of discriminations. The participants are taken to conversation about the implementation of policies to ensure an efficient and protected diverse workforce.
Managing conflicts Diversity also leads to conflicts. Conflicts get serious when the disagreements are about personal characteristics. Here, audiences learn how to resolve conflicts, arisen due to diversity, without cornering those involved.
Instances-based discussion The participants are given instances of conflicts because of diversity in a team and are encouraged to discuss related experiences and suggest solutions.
Celebrating differences The training programme would conclude in a positive note giving suggestions on how to turn the differences into a topic of celebration.

Here is the outline of Managing Diversity: Embracing the Differences for leaders to enhance team excellence. The program is customizable based on client requirements. To know more, write to us at