Managing Meetings Effectively – Guide to Excellence

In the corporate world these days, meetings are scheduled one after the other but whether the outcome is productive or not is the question. Is the agenda being followed? How effective are the outcomes? Are impactful decisions being made at the end? If these factors are lacking, the meeting cannot be termed as effective. This is the opportunity for you to learn the basic tools and techniques to initiate and manage your meeting and to engage the audience to achieve the intended results.

Strengthscape Managing Meetings Effectively– Guide to Excellence program is designed to enable participants to recognize and handle various situations in the most effective way and produce strategies through creative solutions.

Managing Meetings Effectively Need Addressed
  • Do you often extend your meetings and go beyond the scheduled time?
  • Do you fail to facilitate meetings in which innovative ideas are generated?
  • Do you often find your plans being not clearly communicated?
  • Is adherence to the ground rules becoming unmanageable?
  • Do you find it difficult to stick to the topic of concern?
  • Do you want to engage the attendees in your meeting?
  • Do you want to learn the skills of planning and implementing a successful meeting?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then Managing Meetings Effectively– Guide to Excellence is just for you

Managing Meetings Effectively Program Objectives

The aim of the program is to make the employees learn how to plan a productive meeting by crafting an agenda and using various techniques to boost engagement and ensure clear communication.

Managing Meetings Effectively Program Features

Managing Meetings Effectively– Guide to Excellence is an experiential training that uses online pre-work, engaging face-to-face facilitation, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience and generating action plans that can sustain the learning experience.


2-Day intensive training

Virtual Follow-Up

Managing Meetings Effectively Program Outcomes
  • Create a checklist for both in-person and virtual meetings
  • Associate with best practices to craft an agenda
  • Discover and practice skills to conduct an effective meeting
  • Show sensitivity towards other people, their opinions and cultural differences
  • Appraise the effectiveness of the meeting
Experience Managing Meetings Effectively – Guide to Excellence






Managing Meetings Effectively – Guide to Excellence - Session Plan
Session Name Brief Overview
Introductions Round-robin introductions and setting expectations.
Media of Meeting Identifying the nuances and do’s and don’ts of both in-person and virtual meetings.
Preparation Crafting an agenda and creating a checklist for the meeting.
Effective Communication Activity-driven discussion around the skills essential for managing meetings effectively such as Presentation skills and Non-Verbal Communication.
Dealing with Interruptions and Ambiguity Chairing the meeting effectively by sticking to the topic of concern and identifying ways to bring the focus back to the topic of discussion.
Time management Effectively managing interactive sessions, sticking to the agenda and completing the meeting in the scheduled time slot.
Meeting Etiquette Understanding contemporary practices in professional meeting etiquette.
Conclude Identifying and practicing the skills of effectively concluding a meeting.
Create an Action Plan Create an action plan (start-stop-continue paradigm) to improve one’s ability to manage meetings effectively.

This is the overview of Managing Meetings Effectively– Guide to Excellence. The program is customizable based on client requirements. To know more, write to us at