Theatre and allied art forms are used to enrich the impact of corporate L&D programs. The use of skits, mimes and improvisational techniques help in superior audience participation/engagement and convey messages in ways that resonate better simply because theatre is fun and engaging! Theatre brings our imagination to life – what can be better for learning than experiencing real-life scenarios in a fun and safe environment.


Diversity & Inclusion is no more just an HR driven initiative, but it has become a business imperative. Research backs the fact that organizations that actively work towards Diversity & Inclusion also have better financial performance. Diversity & Inclusion is about creating a workplace that promotes and respects diversity and is inclusive to leverage strengths of all people irrespective of their differences. The biggest barrier in promoting Diversity & Inclusion are our Cognitive Biases. The workshops therefore come with a focus of articulating the business case for D&I, recognizing common workplace behaviours that are counterintuitive to D&I and recognizing cognitive biases.




Client stakeholders and Strengthscape experts come together to understand the organization specific context of Diversity & Inclusivity. The team ideates scenarios and create skits to bring out specific elements of Diversity & Inclusion. The workshop is facilitated by an expert to create powerful conversations around Diversity & Inclusion, leaving participants with deep insights. The discussions are oriented towards reflection and introspection to create personal takeaways for each participant. The 3-step process would for the intervention would be:
Program Gallery
Session Plan
Session Name Activity Outcome
Introductions Buy in for learning
Check list of key issues
Importance of Diversity Activity-driven and Trainer led discussion Reality check /activity Understand the importance of diverse workforce
Understand the reality of diversity in engineering
Understand the need for a diverse workforce and its benefits
Theatre Module Play comprising of 4 – 5 vignettes about different types of diversity – gender diversity, language/regional diversity, physical diversity, generational diversity, cultural diversity and diversity in sexual orientation Understanding nuances of different groups and how each group is different from others with theatre as a training tool
Using play as a medium aid in cementing the messages and takeaways in the audience’s mind
Facilitated Discussions Facilitator driven interactive discussion These facilitated discussions are oriented towards triggering introspection and reflection based on the skits. They will provide a guide towards expected behaviors and are not about recapitulating the actual performance or whether something similar happened or not
The discussions will bring out views on diversity and enable participants to view diversity as a strength to leverage
Understanding that conscious efforts are required to overcome biases and perception
Reinventing the Workplace Group activity: Participants in group discuss and come up with effective ways to create a more sensitive and inclusive environment Gaining information on what every individual can do to ensure diversity in their workplace and reinvent the workplace to enhance diversity and inclusion

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