“Being a Project Manager is like being an artist, you have the different colored process streams combining into a work of art” - Greg Cimmarrusti

A project is any initiative that has a definite goal to be achieved in a pre-defined time span.

A project is considered as a success if the goal is attained within the time-span and allocated resources according to the acceptance criteria. Project management is “the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project”, according to Project Management Institute, Inc.

A project manager definitely needs technical knowledge, people managing skills and good knowledge on business process.

Project Management - Need Addressed
  • Would you like to know what a Work Breakdown structure and its applications?
  • Are you familiar with the online project management software? Would you like to be?
  • Do you get confused between project management and operation management?
  • Would you like to know the processes involved in project management and how to effectively plan a project?
  • Would you like to empower your team for attaining project within the allotted resources?

If you have ‘yes’ as an answer to most of these questions, Project Management- Juggling Time, Cost and Quality is totally for you. Join us and be a successful project manager.

Project Management - Program Objectives

Project Management- Juggling Time, Cost and Quality aims to train the people managers to effectively design the schedule, budget and baseline of a project with the use of available technological assistance and the best tips and techniques to ensure a smooth execution of the project since beginning.

Planning and Organization - Program Features

Project Management- Juggling Time, Cost and Quality is based on experiential learning using online pre-work, engaging facilitation, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience. Using the appropriate techniques and principles and extensively researched content, the programme is designed to enable people managers to be efficient at project management.


1-Day intensive training

Virtual Follow-Up

Project Management - Program Outcomes
  • Extend the knowledge on Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Infer the application of WBS on project scheduling and project budgeting.
  • Distinguish between project management and operation management.
  • List the similarities and differences in project management based on industry and project.
  • Plan and organize the processes involved in project management.
  • Modify the team based on the requirement of the project
Experience Analytical thinking - Project Management






Project Management Session Plan
Session Name Brief Overview
Introduction This is the initial session and is dedicated to knowing each other and the agenda of the day. A brief introduction of project management is given in the session.
5 Phases of Project Management Project management vary according to the industry and the project. But the fundamental steps do not change drastically.
Project Baseline Talks about how to set a cost baseline. Also talks about the instances when the baseline has to be changed and how to deal with the change.
Project budgeting The Work Breakdown Structure is introduced to the participants. The responsibilities of a project manager in project budgeting is discussed.
Project Scheduling The focus of the session is to ensure that the participants are informed about designing project schedules manually, about online project managements software and the role of WBS in project scheduling.
Exercise In the concluding session participants are provided with exercises to ensure retention of the information.

Project Management- Juggling Time, Cost and Quality is a one-day training programme designed for people managers. The programme is customizable based on the requirement of the clients. To know more, contact us contact@strengthscape.com