“Strategic Thinking = Systems Thinking + Creativity + Vision” - Pearl Zhu

The general assumption that strategic thinking is only for seniors and leaders is not accurate. But if they are good at it, there is a lot of time saved. In the fast-paced world of enormous pressure on each team to be the best, holistic thinking makes everything easy.

But the problem is it is difficult to know how to do it. Strategic thinking is all about planning goals and related operations in a way there is a greater possibility of success.

And yes, we are all behind success. So strategic thinking, at no point is, overrated. It is the need of the hour. Learning how to think strategically is always an advantage

Strategic Thinking - Need Addressed
  • Is prioritizing a challenge for you or your team?
  • Does ineffective time-management bother you?
  • Have you regretted behaving in a certain way to your team or customers at any point?
  • Do your short term plans get into the way of long term planning?
  • Does the term strategic thinking mean different to you from others?
  • Do you lose your calm at hard times?
  • Have you ever felt like your team works for your vision and not for theirs?

If your answer to a lot of these questions was a “yes”, then it is a little alarming. It is time to attend Strategic Thinking: Right Short-Term Planning for the best Long Term.

Strategic Thinking - Program Objectives

The program tries to summarize, in a simple but captivating way, the important aspects of strategic thinking to enable the people managers to attain the long term goals without losing track while planning the short term goals. Emotional Intelligence and Time management, though are not components of strategic thinking, will definitely eases strategic thinking.

Strategic Thinking - Program Features

Strategic Thinking: Right Short – Term Planning for the best Long Term Goals is based on experiential learning using online pre-work, engaging facilitation, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience. The programme uses the adult learning principles and widely researched contents to ensure a good learning experience.


1-Day intensive training

Virtual Follow-Up

Strategic Thinking - Program Outcomes
  • Improve the relationship with the team members and customer
  • Rule out the always-heard-about methods of goal setting and plan goal keeping market dynamics in mind.
  • Compare the team vision with individual vision to create a shared vision
  • Change habits to stay focused
  • Prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance
  • Formulating strategies to involve team members in strategic thinking
Experience Analytical thinking - Strategic Thinking






Strategic Thinking Session Plan
Session Name Brief Overview
Introduction The people involved are introduced and information about the agenda is conveyed.
Emotional Intelligence Talks about the importance of being aware of one’s emotions at a point to ensure success in life. Knowing what really matters to self at the given point makes it easier to understand the goals and stay committed. The session also focuses on discussions on acting emotionally intelligent during hard financial times and downturns.
Keeping your focus Gaining a perspective on staying calm and not getting distracted during crucial times to keep the long-term goals in mind while working. Talks about tips to stay focused and regain focus if distracted.
Time Management Strategic thinking does not work if the priorities are not set right. Stephen Covey’s Time management matrix is the most popular and effective time management strategy.
Strategic Development The concept strategic development or strategic planning is commonly heard but not clearly understood. The participants are given an opportunity to introspect the ways they were planning till date. The discussion revolves around the topic of goal setting and chasing the goal by being sensitive to market dynamics.
Creating a Shared Vision This session is all about setting a vision for the tea as a whole. The objective is to learn to set a vision that works for everyone.
Case-study This is the concluding session where the participants are distributed case studies on the dealt with topics during the previous sessions to evaluate the effectiveness of the training programme.

Strategic Thinking: Right Short-Term Planning for the best Long Term Goals is a customizable training programme designed for people managers. The above seen is the basic outline of the programme. To know more, contact us contact@strengthscape.com