If an organization’s mission is growth, there has to be a serious amount of investment on the workers. They are the backbone in the mission of growth and expansion. For this you need a team that works together where everyone knows how to contribute. To create such an understanding team, the leader should know himself and his team, the strengths and downfalls. The strategies and facilitation techniques to build great teams and harness productivity are to be worked hard on. Creating winning teams is a systematic process. It involves effort but is not too difficult to master. With the right attitude, and knowing the right techniques any leader can create his/her winning team.

The Team Play of Creating Winning Teams - Need Addressed
  • Is your team still at the struggling stage?
  • Do you feel you have team members who are not efficient?
  • Are your team members motivated enough?
  • Does your team always give positive results?
  • How good is your relationship with your team members?
  • Do you want to ensure your communication to your team is effective?
  • Do you wonder where it went wrong when your team couldn’t attain the goal?
  • And lastly, do you want to create an always winning team?

Yes, we help you create a winning team. The Team Play of Creating Winning Teams gives the best makeover to you as a leader and your team.

The Team Play of Creating Winning Teams - Program Objectives

The programme is aimed at enabling the leaders to create a hardworking, skilled and efficient team in order to ensure team excellence. The focus is on the effectiveness of the leader in leading as well as coaching the team to be good at what they are doing.

The Team Play of Creating Winning Teams - Program Features

The Team Play of Creating Winning Teams is based on experiential learning using online pre-work, engaging facilitation, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience. The program integrated the necessary activities, worksheets and games along with the latest technological assistance to provide the best training experience.


2-Day intensive training

Virtual Follow-Up

The Team Play of Creating Winning Teams - Program Outcomes
  • Identify the reason teams and teamwork are so important to today’s workplaces
  • Defining the right kind of leadership for team success
  • Adapt the right attitude and skills for motivating and leading team members
  • Formulate strategies for resolving team challenges
  • Identify the areas where the team members lack to provide the right training
  • Make use of the psychological principles in team building
  • Value the potential of maintaining good personal relationships with the team members
Experience - The Team Play of Creating Winning Teams






The Team Play of Creating Winning Teams - Session Plan
Session Name Brief Overview
Introduction Participants are introduced to the entire structure of the course and their commitment reaffirmed
Are you the right leader? This session appraises the leadership quality of the participants and gives suggestions based on where each one stands.
The Power of a Goal One would work towards a goal only when the ultimate result has something personal. Linking the goal to team members’ personal success is the key.
Better relationship The relationship between leaders and team members should be of support, friendship, care and mutual respect. Innovative ideas and quality achievements do not come from a ‘Hitler model team’.
Recognize the efforts This is the simple mathematical formula of give and take. When the team members work for the team, how are their efforts appreciated?
Training needs Efficient team needs efficient team members. Lack of skills, qualification or experience can be dealt with the giving the team members the right training.
Roadblocks to a strong team There are a number of obstacles encountered at the process of converting a newly created team to the wining team. Conflicts, miscommunication, low morale, etc. are a few.
Motivating Individually Orienting about how each team member has something big to contribute and the six most effective ways to harness that from them.
The Psychological Approach Use of sentiments, feelings and emotions to move a team towards success is much underrated. Psychology works at any area of an organization’s success.
Shared Human Moments “The company that celebrates together is the company that stays together.” Human beings crave connections and good relationships because we are programmed that way. Laugh with them; celebrate with them. They will do the best they can, because they care for you.

The Team Play of Creating Winning Teams is tailor made training program on Creating Winning Teams. The program is suitable for leaders. To know more, contact us at contact@strengthscape.com