Types of Coaching

Executive or corporate coaching is usually offered to corporate and senior professional as a part of people development initiatives. On the other hand, life coaching is for anyone who would like to make a change!

With the growth in the coaching industry since a decade now, coaching has been extended to various sectors such as life coach, performance coach, specialist coach, career coach, business coach, executive coach, skills coach, etc. All these types of coaching lay emphasis on facilitating the clients with creative thought-provoking process that can help them make the right choices, inspire them, maximize their personal and professional strengths, and improve wellbeing and quality of life. However, each type of coaching is different from one another since each segment is independently unique.

For instance, a spiritual coaches facilitates the coachee in deriving his/her meaning for life and happiness, provide strategies and concepts for successful spiritual journey and find joy that can be found beyond material success. Similarly, a divorce coach helps the coachee through the process of divorce. Here the coach is different from the lawyer who helps in getting the divorce. The divorce coach teaches course like co-parenting, coping strategies, embracing new life, facing challenges, adjusting methodologies for children and parents, etc.

Though divorce coaching and spiritual coaching is less prominent in India when compared to the West, executive coaching is a growing industry in the country. Comparatively, the percentage of executive coaching in US is high. Many companies in US have made coaching as a part of their executive development, and the one that ranks the most is IBM. The Strengthscape specializes in providing the many types of coaching interventions.