Why use Behavioral Interviewing Skills?

Why use Behavioral Interviewing Skills?

Recruitment means serious business. Employers through experience have realized that finding the right candidate is as difficult as finding the right job.

This is because a lot is at stake. A wrong selection by a recruiter can not only result in adding extra burden and further cost to the company but can also threaten the future of an organization.

Although India has rich human resource, finding the right candidate for a vacant position is still a mission in itself.  As time is of essence, employers in order to avoid frequent rounds of selection process and to retain good candidates either provide recruitment training to their HR personnel or they themselves undergo various recruitment training programs and behavioral interviewing skills workshops to effectively test a candidate’s aptitude and attitude in different situations.

Knowing the ‘How’ of recruitment through these training sessions helps them identify the right person from the herd of people who apply. Let us see how.

Why use Behavioral Interviewing Skills?

Behavioral based interviewing is a time tested methodology for improving hiring results. It is said that the past performance behavior of an employee is a predictor of his future performance. Behavioral questions are designed by hiring managers to assess a candidate’s reaction to typical professional situations.

The focus of these questions is to encourage candidates to share specific past instances. The job seeker answer indicates of ‘How’ he/she dealt with problems and challenges of a particular situation, the action taken by him to tackle that situations and what was the impact of that action of him and the organization.

Benefits of Behavioral Interviewing

Recruiter’s questions and employment criteria are not restricted solely on testing a candidate’s subject knowledge. The employability of an employee now depends much upon their behavioral skills.  This is because a candidate might be theoretically very strong but he/she may not have the right attitude or behavior to achieve the desired goal. A job seeker by demonstrating the right attitude and behavior at the time of interview helps employers to judge his strength and weakness and his ability to handle a stressful situation.

Therefore the criteria of selecting the right candidate should be based upon their ‘Personal Attributes’ and ‘Professional Capabilities keeping in mind what is ‘Job fit’ and Culture Fit’. Some of the other advantages of this type of interview process are;

  • It helps build a rapport between an interviewer and an interviewee as conversation takes place in the form of a dialogue rather than usage of monosyllable Yes/No words to respond
  • The uniformity of question type makes it easier to assess and judge the candidates on similar competencies and parameters
  • The recruiter gets a fair assessment of communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Learning to align recruitment strategy with the business plan helps employers to stay at par with the leaders in recruiting Top Talent from the industry.

Running a profitable organization depends upon the recruitment of quality people who have the capability to make it profitable. Behavioral interviewing skills help employers to find those quality people for their organization.