Leveraging our heritage through partnership, research, data and technology to realize people potential.

Evalex is a market leading provider of assessment services. We have deep global and local experience and knowledge in diagnosing, understanding and servicing organisations from a holistic and multidisciplinary perspective, to create high performance organisations.

This organisation has, over the last 40 years, built a successful track record in Talent Management, Assessment of Human Potential, Talent Development and the design and implementation of an Intellectual Capital Management system. During this time, we have been exposed to clients in almost all industries and have interfaced with almost every existing market solution and offering, which allows us to understand their respective advantages and limitations. This enables us to walk into an organisation, very quickly appraise where you are and what the next steps should be, when moving to industry best practice.


  • We have been developing talent solutions for more than 40 years, and this has allowed us to develop assessments, processes and solutions that are not only highly effective, but also solve real business needs.
  • With the ‘future of assessments’ at the forefront of our approach, we have developed assessments that are Artificially Intelligent, which helps improve candidate experience, administrative efficiencies and scoring accuracy.
  • We continue to launch cutting-edge innovative solutions into the market.
  • We have a strong scientific bent and are focused on the scientific validation of the assessments we use. All our assessments have been proven to be reliable and valid.
  • Our solutions are all online with full IT support and can be deployed both locally and internationally.
  • We pride ourselves in being both a professional and an ethical service provider.


We have three core business drivers, Heritage, Partnership and Technology. Our approach with our clients highlights our heritage, research and experience, our partnership philosophy and our technology which offers our clients flexible and creative solutions. We have a strong team of IT professionals and psychologists; our entire system and assessment offering has been developed in-house. This allows us to customize and create bespoke solutions to suit your specific needs and business requirements. We have done significant research for our clients over the years and presented this to various stakeholders.