Leveraging our heritage through partnerships, research, data and technology to realise people potential.

With over 40 years of industry experience, Evalex delivers extensive assessment, talent management and leadership development solutions to identify and realise people potential. We are pioneers in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our systems, data, and research and we have used this expertise, along with a strong client partnering focus to develop our solutions. These solutions integrate with each other in an ecosystem that provides our clients with reliable and valid information to enable sound talent decision-making.

We develop and deploy solutions for the assessment of people potential in the areas of cognitive functioning, personality dynamics, management styles, interests, values, corporate culture, and leadership competencies. Extensive research underscores all our products, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every assessment we provide. Furthermore, our partnership approach means we walk your company’s talent growth journey with you, with ever increasing customisation of solutions around your exact requirements.

As a ‘TalentTech’ company, our technology goes beyond merely integrating assessments into a delivery system.  Our extensive experience has allowed us to amass a vast amount of data that underpins our research and development in the use of AI, machine learning and neural networks to interpret assessment results at a level of sophistication more progressive than what is normally found in the market.


  • We have been developing talent solutions for more than 40 years, and this has allowed us to develop assessments, processes and solutions that are not only highly effective, but also solve real business needs.
  • With the ‘future of assessments’ at the forefront of our approach, we have developed assessments that are Artificially Intelligent, which helps improve candidate experience, administrative efficiencies and scoring accuracy.
  • We continue to launch cutting-edge innovative solutions into the market.
  • We have a strong scientific bent and are focused on the scientific validation of the assessments we use. All our assessments have been proven to be reliable and valid.
  • Our solutions are all online with full IT support and can be deployed both locally and internationally.
  • We pride ourselves in being both a professional and an ethical service provider.

An example of this; we have used our expertise in AI to develop a refreshing modern leadership framework and a virtual digital psychologist called the Evalex Virtual Assessor (EVA). EVA can conduct leadership simulations, such as problem analysis interviews and staff management role plays, as well as score in-basket exercises and responses to project planning scenarios and case studies.

Evalex has packaged our various assessments into product solutions such as the Evalex leadership assessments, Evalex psychometrics, Evalex Video Interviewing Assessment (VIA), Odyssey gamified, high volume, “entry into the world of work” assessment, and the Evalex Leadership Evolution and Acceleration programme (Elea).

We distribute our assessment solutions through various partners such as Organisation and Management Technologies (OMT), Odyssey Talent Management, Elea, VIA, Deloitte, Strengthscape and other selected entities.

Our heritage, research, partnership, and technology focus allow us to engage with your organisation, quickly appraise where you are, and what the next steps should be to move you to industry best practice; helping you ‘realise people potential’.


We have five core business drivers, Heritage, Partnership, Research, Data and Technology. We have a strong team of IT professionals and psychologists and our entire system and assessment offering has been developed in-house. This provides us with the flexibility  to customize and create bespoke solutions to suit your specific needs and business requirements. Furthermore, our focus on research, data and technology ensures we provide you with cutting edge solutions that are highly predictive and allow you to effectively make use of assessment information for data analytics and talent management purposes.